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What languages does FileWave support?


FileWave is a Unified Endpoint Management tool that allows users to manage and deploy updates to macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Chrome, and Android devices. It is used by a variety of organizations, including educational institutions, corporations, and state and local governments around the world.


It is important to know the languages that FileWave is natively in because it can help users understand the tool and its features more effectively. For example, if a user is more comfortable with a certain language, they may prefer to use the FileWave interface in that language. Additionally, knowing the native languages of FileWave can help organizations decide whether the tool is a good fit for their needs based on the language preferences of their staff or users.


FileWave is natively in:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Korean

  • Japanese

  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese.