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FileWave Identity Provider (IdP) Integration Overview


Identity Provider (IdP) integration can be key to meeting security requirements from your InfoSec team, and ease-of-use requirements for your customers.  IdP solutions allow your customer to have only one set of credentials, and to use them anywhere.

FileWave currently supports 3 IdP providers with version 14.6.x.


If you currently utilize an IDP provider, you'll want to start here to understand the supported platforms and the instructions for setting up access.


Known Issue

At this time, FileWave IDP integration is limited to only FileWave Admin authentication and Apple device enrollment.  Directory data synchronization (and custom fields) between the IDP source and FileWave is not supported at this time, but will be added in a future release.  In the meantime, current LDAP(S) synchronization can be used as a stop-gap to achieve the same result.