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Apple Silicon M1 / M2 Native Client Support and Rosetta


14.8+ FileWave Client PKG installer now installs a native M1 or M2 client, negating the need for Rosetta 2.

Prior FileWave client installers were for Intel only and relied on the PKG installer to install Rosetta 2 for M1 / M2 compatibility.  Rosetta 2 will not be disabled on clients that already have Rosetta 2 enabled.  Since newly enrolled clients, starting with 14.8.x+, will not install Rosetta 2, any other software requiring Rosetta 2 will require a Fileset to install Rosetta 2.

Note that the Administrator app still requires Rosetta 2.


This update is for Apple M1 / M2 devices only.  The installer is now a universal binary for either processor type.


Both the standalone DMG installer and the Custom PKG will now support both Intel and M1 / M2 natively.  Create a new 14.8+ FileWave client installer from our Custom PKG Builder. The client upgrade Fileset will naturally be taken as native by macOS also.

Enable Rosetta 2

Below is an example of a script that could be used to enable Rosetta 2 through FileWave if still required for other software like the FileWave Administrator app:


# Determine OS version
osvers=$(sw_vers -productVersion)

# Check to see if macOS is 11 or greater
if [ ${osvers%%.*} -ge 11 ]; then
  # Check processor type
  processor=$(/usr/bin/uname -p)
  if [[ "$processor" != "arm" ]]; then
    echo "$(date) processor: ${processor}. No need to install Rosetta."
    # Check if Rosetta process is running and instal if not found,
    # perform a non-interactive install of Rosetta.
    if [[ ! $(/usr/bin/pgrep -x oahd) ]]; then
        /usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license
        if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then
                echo "$(date) Rosetta has been successfully installed."
                echo "$(date) Rosetta installation failed!"
        echo "$(date) Rosetta already installed. Nothing to do."
    echo "$(date) Mac is running macOS $osvers"    
    echo "$(date) No need to install Rosetta on this version of macOS."

exit 0 

Here is a Fileset that uses the above example script: Install Rosetta