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Automatically Assign DEP profiles

Starting in FileWave version 13.1.0 you now have the ability to automatically assign DEP profiles to devices.

Step-by-step guide

Start by opening up the DEP Profiles UI (Assistant → DEP Association Management), and verify you have profiles created. It is recommended that you have a highly generic rule that will work with all iOS and macOS devices, and then profiles for your needed situations.

Assign Default Rule

  1. Open the "Edit Assignment Rules" UI
  2. Choose a Default DEP Profile (Figure 1.1)
  3. Hit OK to save it

You can then choose between creating rules on simple things or advanced things: 

Assign based on model/operating system (Simple)

  1. Open the "Edit Assignment Rules" UI
  2. Hit the [+] to create a new profile rule
  3. Select your default profile for an OS (iOS in this example)
  4. Drag the DEP Devices / Operating System component from the left into the Criteria
  5. Set to "Contains" : "iOS" (See figure 2.1)
  6. Save
  7. Repeat again for "OS X" and "tv" as needed

Assign based on custom fields (Advanced)

  1. Create Custom fields (in this example "usage" and "location") 

    See Custom Fields for more information

    1. Use: Provided: Admin, Type: string, Restricted: True, Values: None (DEFAULT), Faculty, Student, Administration (See Figure 3.1)
    2. Location: Provided: Admin, Type: string, Restricted: True, Values: None (Default), Site A, Site B... (Figure 3.2)
    3. Take note of the "Internal Name" from the custom fields
  2. Open the DEP UI
  3. Hit the [+] to create a new DEP profile
    1. Use the internal name in naming (see Figure 3.3)

      See DEP Naming for more information

    2. Open the "Edit Assignment Rules" UI
    3. Hit the [+] to create a new profile rule
  4. Select the profile you just created
    1. You will now see the Custom Fields component on the left Component list
    2. Open it and bring in location and use
    3. set them both to is not None (Figure 3.4)

Excluding serials from Auto Rules

You will notice a column named "Excluded from automatic assignment" with True or False (Figure 4.1)

Figure 4.1 - Exclude Column

true - Device will not be included in automatic rules. Note: "true" is NOT applicable when manually clicking the "Apply Assignment Rules" button...when that button is clicked all rules will be applied for any selected devices (after confirmation prompt).  Selecting no devices infers ALL devices as selected.

false - Devices will be included in automatic rules, both automatically and when "Apply Assignment Rules" is triggered

true is the default for devices that were in your DEP list before an upgrade to 13.1 to protect those devices from changing before you have built new rules


Figure 1.1 - Default Rule

Figure 2.1 - iOS Simple Rule

Figure 3.1 - Custom Use

Figure 3.2 - Custom Location

Figure 3.3 - Custom Naming

Figure 3.4 - Custom Name Rule