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Plugin Installation

Plugins are a great way to extend the features of Grafana, optimising the Grafana experience.


Plugins are easily searchable through the Grafana Dashboard, via the Configuration tabs


On selecting a plugin though, at the bottom of the description it will indicate necessary permissions are not enabled:


Installation through the Grafana GUI requires a Grafana Admin.  FileWave does not allow installation of plugins in this manner.  Instead, the command line should be used directly on the server to instal plugins.

Command Line Installation

Scrolling down through the plugin page, there is a section on using command line to instal the plugin, however, this should not be used.  It does however highlight the required plugin name to be used in the process.

Taking Apace Charts as an example:


From the description, the plugin name is: 


As such the command to instal this plugin on a FileWave Server would be:

/usr/local/sbin/grafana-cli --pluginsDir=/usr/local/filewave/instrumentation_data/grafana/plugins --homepath=/usr/local/filewave/grafana plugins install volkovlabs-echarts-panel

The process should report success and the plugin should now be available.