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FileWave Server Installation

FileWave Server is the key component to device management.  The setup process will require not only a FileWave Server installation, but basic configuration will require the FileWave Central App (macOS or Windows).  Some additional configuration may also be achieved through the web admin: FileWave Anywhere.

Other appliances not covered in this chapter are:

  • Boosters
  • IVS

Overall requirements

FileWave server installation.  This can be hosted or on-premise.  For on-premise, FileWave Download pages not only provide the installer, but pre-built VMs are available for quick setup.

Manual Installation

If not using a pre-built VM:

  • Download the latest server version and copy to the FileWave Server
  • If using a shell, open this to the server, e.g. ssh, putty, etc. and elevate to the root user
  • Unzip the download
  • Run the installer

Follow the instructions, regarding the commands required, from the matching download pages.

FileWave Server network ports

Please review the Default TCP and UDP Port Usage