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Configuring DEP Profiles for IDP Authentication


Configuring Apple Devices DEP Profiles to use IDP authentication.


We'll need to configure each DEP profile with which we would like to use IDP authentication (but it is simple to do)  


You'll simply notice there is a new checkbox in the DEP profile for "Custom Enrollment".   If that checkbox is checked in a profile, IDP enrollment will be used (if configured of course):

Once configured, you'll notice your devices will begin prompting for IDP authentication at enrollment time.

Known Issue

With Okta integration for macOS DEP enrollment there is a known issue with the initial load of the login window.   You will see that window appear with what looks like a bad page load, which is basically correct.   If you right-click, reload this page, it will load correctly.   (See below). Note that this issue will be resolved in an upcoming revision.