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IdP for Deployments and Smart Groups


As a FileWave administrator using IdP enrollment of devices, I need to report on what groups devices are a part of in order to report on them and target software. 


There is a new field that is populated which you can use for targeting deployments in the Web Admin, and for reporting queries both in Web Admin and the Native Admin. 


When making deployments in the Web Admin note the IDP selection on the top right. You can then see the groups that come in from the IdP connection.

Select IDP Groups.png

And here is what can be used in Queries both in Native and Web Admin where the IDP group id would be the most likely used field. As you can see below you can start to type a group name and if it exists then the group name will appear below the text field. In this case, Josh Lab is a group in Google.

New Smart Group.png

And if you choose to edit a smart group like this in the native admin, you'll see that what is actually saved by this is the group id:

Query with IDP Group.png