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Lightspeed Smart Filter Deployment (iOS 2023)


Need to deploy the latest version of Lightspeed Smart Filter along with your configurations. FileWave has got you covered in this step-by-step guide to creating the required Profile to deploy to your iOS devices.


  • FileWave Anywhere/Central Profile Editor


  1. Open FileWave Admin

  2. Select Filesets

  3. Create New Mobile Fileset

  4. Select Profile

  5. Enter the name of the Profile, i.e. Lightspeed Filter

  6. Select Web Content Filter (Supervised Only) payload

  7. Select and enter the following:

    1. Filter Type: Plug-in

    2. Filter Name: Lightspeed Filter

    3. Identifier: com.lightspeedsystems.iosrelayfilter

    4. User Name: or %email%

    5. Filter Webkit Traffic: enable

    6. Filter Socket Traffic: enable

    7. Custom Data:

      • Key: UDID - Type: String - Value: %device_id%

      • Key: customerID - Type: String - Value: your_lightspeed_ID


  8. Click Save

  9. Assign/associate to test device

  10. Update Model

Always test web content filtering with one or two devices before mass deployment. This ensures the filter is working properly and has configurations set to allow your devices to communicate back to your FileWave services.

Lightspeed Smart Filter for iOS devices

Looking to deploy your Lightspeed Smart Filter for iOS devices? Review the KB article here: Lightspeed Smart Agent Deployment (macOS 2023).