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Comic Life (macOS Fileset Magic)




A simple way to install Comic Life on macOS and record that it was registered. Ensure that you are properly licensed for the application.

Last tested with ComicLife 3.5.8



  1. Do Initial Fileset Magic capture
  2. Install ComicLife
    1. unzip latest version
    2. place into application folder
    3. drag/import from the application folder
  3. Launch ComicLife 
    1. Accept License
    2. Select "Register"
    3. Enter Org name
    4. Enter Serial Number
  4. Close ComicLife
  5. Open it again 
    1. This time it will ask about automatic updates and "staying in touch", I like to turn them off
  6. Close ComicLife again
  7. Do second Fileset Magic scan (capturing changes)
    1. Make sure to move items to all users