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VMware Carbon Black Cloud sensor recipe (macOS)


VMware Carbon Black is a powerful endpoint protection solution that plays a critical role in an organization's cybersecurity strategy. Deploying Carbon Black via the installer package through the admin console is a strategic approach that ensures consistent, efficient, and effective endpoint security. By mastering this deployment process, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity posture, mitigate threats proactively, and protect their digital assets in an increasingly dangerous digital landscape.


  • FileWave Central

  • VMwave Carbon Black Cloud installer and doc

  • VMware CBC license code
  • VMware CBC uninstaller code
  • System Extension mobile configuration
  • Network Extension Web Content Filter mobile configuration
  • TCC Privacy Policy mobile configuration
macOS Kext Approval
FileWave Download.png
macOS TCC Profile
FileWave Download.png
macOS System Ext
FileWave Download.png
VMware CBC Fileset
FileWave Download.png


Please note this recipe includes Carbon Black Cloud sensor (CB Defense) This version is supported on MacOS 11.0 and newer.

Creating the VMware Carbon Black Cloud Fileset

You will first want to grab and download your VMware installations and profiles. The .dmg will need to be mounted first and then extract the necessary components from this file.

Once the .dmg has been mounted you will see the contents listed. Below is the CBCloud Install.pkg and doc folder containing the required MDM profiles.


Listed MDM profiles and unattended script for Fileset deployed are found in the docs folder within the mounted .dmg.






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