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FileWave Known Issues

Here you will find known issues in FileWave along with workarounds.

FileWave v15.0.x Known Issues

Universal VPP Apps - In FileWave 15.0.1 or lower if you have attempted to use Universal Apps through FileWave and have identified any Apps that came in as iOS instead, then please contact FileWave Support if you need this resolved sooner rather than later.  This issue should be resolved in the next release (15.1), but there is a patch that can be applied for the interim. You can contact Customer Technical Support for the patch.

FileWave v14.10.x Known Issues

14.10.0 to 14.10.1 Server upgrade -

If you are running 14.10.0 and try to upgrade the server to 14.10.1, you will encounter an error. To avoid this error, use the below command in Terminal and then run the upgrade. This version was only released to Early Adopters but we wanted to list this here in case the email that was sent out was missed.

  • As a workaround do this command and then run the upgrade again:


FileWave v14.9.x Known Issues

14.9.1 to 14.9.2 Server upgrade on macOS - If you are running 14.9.1 and try to upgrade the server to 14.9.2, you will encounter an error. To avoid this error, use the below command in Terminal and then run the upgrade. When we release 14.9.3 / 14.10.0, this will be accounted for, and you should only create this file for this one upgrade. If upgrading from 14.8.0 or less to 14.9.2, you will not need to do this.

  • As a workaround do this command and then run the upgrade again:

14.9.1 and lower may stop syncing with Apple VPP - You may notice that Apple VPP stopped syncing in November/December 2022 or later. If you are using any version of FileWave below 14.9.2 it is because Apple is now using very large numbers for the application identifiers. 14.9.2 was released to handle these larger numbers. 

14.9.x YML Files not processed - You may notice that your Grafana dashboard won’t process data from YML files. This can happen if the API key is regenerated for FileWave, but the file that Grafana uses is not updated. As recently as FileWave 14.9.2, this can be an issue with an easy solution outlined below. Development is looking at possibly always overwriting this file at server startup which would eliminate this problem from appearing, and it should only appear as an issue if the API key for the server is regenerated, causing it to not match. For most customers, this is not likely to be an issue.

FileWave v14.8.x Known Issues

Possible Update Model failure after upgrade - After the upgrade, it is possible for Update Model to fail if auto enroll is set for iOS devices to go into the root directory. 

  • Workaround: Go to the Clients view in FileWave Admin (native), click New Client, Enrolled Mobile Devices, and uncheck the box for "Automatically add all new clients to the selected group". You should now be able to complete an Update Model successfully. After this, you can recheck the box to auto enroll iOS devices and Update Model should continue to function properly. Please reach out to Support for any questions or issues.

14.8.0 Multiple boosters - We have identified an issue happening for setups with multiple boosters ; this issue is linked to NATs, the internal notification system, and how it is configured on boosters. Boosters are currently incorrectly configured to have the same server_name while NATs expects each booster to have a unique server_name.

FileWave v14.7.x Known Issues

PowerShell Issue Windows 11 (fixed in 14.8.0) - In 14.7.0 and lower PowerShell scripts in either custom fields or filesets/payloads will not execute correctly on Windows 11 (WIN-1085).  This issue is resolved in 14.8.0.