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Communication is a crucial element in every step of the device (re)Enrollment process, and it doesn't just stop once (re)Enrollment is completed. In fact, effective, clear, and consistent communication becomes even more important during and after the (re)Enrollment process. FileWave provides a variety of communication tools that can be harnessed to maintain dialogue with users. Here's how:

Maintain Clear Communication

scott-evans-OnGkPCi3pAU-unsplash.jpgUse every means to communicate to keep all stakeholders informed about the (re)Enrollment process, and about day to day management afterwards. This includes regular updates about the status of (re)Enrollment, what users can expect during each phase, and their roles and responsibilities throughout the process.  And afterwards, using the same channels (emails, team chats, etc) you can continue information flow about things like security patches, maintenance windows, etc.

For instance, communicate the schedule for device returns or new device distribution, and the process for data backup and device re-setting. Be clear about any actions that users need to take, such as completing training or reporting technical issues. Timely and clear communication can help minimize confusion and ensure the process runs smoothly.

Facilitate Two-Way Communication

Encourage users to communicate their questions, concerns, and feedback throughout the process.  This can help your IT team identify and address issues promptly, and can also make users feel more involved and supported in the process.

Post-(re)Enrollment Communication

Even after (re)Enrollment is complete, it's important to maintain communication with users. Send out regular tips or tutorials, notify users about new apps or features, or update them on security protocols, all enabled by your investment in FileWave.

Communication is the key to ensuring that everyone understands their role in device management and can make the most of their technology.  With FileWave's tools, supported by clear, consistent and continual communication throughout the IT lifecycle, you can make sure that your organization will thrive.