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Google Specific Considerations

FileWave support two very distinct Operating Systems from Google: Chromebooks, and Android based devices.  Each platform has its own specific considerations.

Chromebook Integration

Unlike other supported platforms, FileWave support of Chromebooks is primarily centered around gathering device information, and OU management.  It is a very effective tool for quickly finding and particularly moving devices between OUs, which can quickly change their settings and extension assignments. (As well as location lookup)

But, you can't manage them if they aren't enrolled.  Thankfully, enrollment is an ALL or NOTHING integration for FileWave and Chromebooks.  You'll need to do the one-time configuration, but you'll immediately have management of ALL ChromeBooks in your organization without touching each device.

Chrome Education Upgrade/Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and Android Enterprise

These services provide advanced device management capabilities for education and enterprise customers. When integrated with FileWave, they offer:

  • Access to device and user policies: This ensures consistent application of your organization's rules across all devices.
  • Theft prevention with lost mode: In case a device is misplaced, you can lock it remotely, ensuring your data remains secure.
  • Advanced device reporting and health checks: Regularly monitor the status of your devices and troubleshoot any issues swiftly.

Android: Google Play Store Management

With the vast library of apps available on the Google Play Store, effective app management can be challenging. FileWave's app management features allow you to:

  • Manage app distribution and ensure compliance: Keep track of your app installations and report unauthorized installation.
  • Customize app settings and access per user or user group: Personalize the user experience and maintain a secure environment.

Google as an IDP (Identity Provider)

Tangentially to both above platforms, the FileWave system itself allows for authentication of FileWave admins through Google IDP services.

By considering these manufacturer-specific aspects and leveraging FileWave's integrations and capabilities, you can ensure a smooth and efficient device refresh or r(re)Enrollment process.