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Chrome OS: FileWave Inventory Extension Capabilities


An optional add-on for Chromebook management in FileWave is the FileWave Inventory extension.  We'll describe what this add-on allows you to do in this article.


We'll want to make use of the inventory extension for any of the following functions:

  • Additional Inventory Retrieval (Beyond what the Google Admin Console sends us):
    • Application Information (installed app and extensions)
    • User Information (currently logged in user, etc)
    • Network Information (current IP)
    • Font Information
    • Device Storage data (drive space, etc)
    • Geo-location Information (location, but only if explicitly turned on)
    • Submit "Last Connected" time (which should not be confused with last sync time...Last Connected is the last time the device talked directly to the FileWave server)
  • Ability to initiate an remote control session through TeamViewer (version 14.6+)
  • To send a "Verify" to make the device check in immediately


Reference the Quick Start Guide below for instructions on setting up the inventory extension for your Chromebooks.