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Custom Field Annotated Field Sync for ChromeOS (15.3+)


As an administrator managing ChromeOS devices you want to update the Annotated Custom fields in FileWave, but aren't sure how soon those changes will be reflected in the Google Admin console. 


In FileWave 15.3+ we have changed how Annotated Custom Fields are synced with Google. In the past there would be issues reported because the fields would only sync on the 24 hour sync interval for all ChromeOS information with Google.


Annotated fields in Edit Custom Fields in 15.3+ now update immediately upon clicking Save, independently of the Model Update, ensuring swift and accurate changes.

  • The Chromebook Data tab in Device Details is removed. Users can access Chromebook-related info by double-clicking on the device, eliminating the need for an additional tab.

  • The Device Details View now offers a more informative and user-friendly experience for Annotated fields.

  • Annotated fields are seamlessly displayed and editable in the Edit Custom Fields dialog, like any other custom fields.

  • A convenient button in the Client Info dialog allows users to sync annotated fields (one way: Google to FileWave) individually for specific devices, offering granular control over data synchronization.