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Understanding and Resolving Proxy Communication Issues in FileWave


This article addresses the common communication issues encountered with FileWave, especially when using proxy servers like Lightspeed, Securly, and others. These issues often arise during periods of high network traffic, such as the re-deployment of devices within an organization. This article is meant to offer one possible reason for devices behind proxies could experience communication issues trying to talk to the FileWave Server.


Communication problems with proxy servers tend to happen more frequently during peak network traffic times, such as the summer months when educational institutions are re-deploying devices for the new school year. The problem can manifest either through the proxy server being unable to handle the increased load or through port exhaustion if all network ports are in use. Understanding when and why this occurs will aid in prevention and troubleshooting.


To alleviate communication issues related to proxy servers, follow these steps:

  1. Assess the Situation: Check if the proxy server is overwhelmed with traffic or experiencing port exhaustion. Look for signs such as slower response times or connection failures.

  2. Bypass Filtering for Apple Devices: For organizations utilizing Apple devices, it is essential to bypass filtering for the IP range as per Apple's guidance. This will prevent inspection of Apple traffic, which could otherwise lead to problems.

    For example, you may configure this in your proxy settings:

    # Bypass filtering for Apple IP range
  3. Consider Additional Public IPs: If port exhaustion is an issue, contemplate adding an additional public IP to expand the available network ports.

  4. Monitor and Adjust: Continuously monitor the situation and adjust configurations as needed to ensure smooth operations during peak times.

  5. Work with FileWave Support: Bring any issues to Customer Technical Support so that you don't have to investigate alone. There may also be the possibility of a FileWave Server issue that needs to be resolved.

Understanding the underlying architecture of the proxy server, along with FileWave's communication protocols, can be instrumental in troubleshooting and resolving these issues. Being proactive by preparing the network for expected traffic surges and adhering to recommended practices (like Apple's guidance for bypassing filtering) can prevent these challenges from occurring in the first place. Regular monitoring and adaptive strategies will ensure a resilient and responsive network environment.

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