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macOS Sonoma / iOS 17 support in FileWave 15.1.0+


iOS, iPadOS and tvOS 17 will be released on Monday, 18th of September. macOS 14 Sonoma was released on the 26th of September. FileWave 15.1.0 released on Thursday, September 21, 2023.


As an administrator, it is important to know if these new Operating Systems are supported in order to schedule device upgrade or new purchase.


iOS, tvOS, iPadOS 17

Generally, devices running iOS, tvOS, iPadOS can safely be upgraded at any time. FileWave 15.1.0 will bring new management features for these devices.

macOS 14 Sonoma

Generally, a new version of macOS requires a new version of FileWave : desktop agent and server needs an update to report properly the OS version, likewise various features like SIP detection within Filesets.

In addition, macOS 14 introduces changes related to application sandboxing which prevent FileWave 15.0 desktop agent or earlier versions to upgrade without a device restart to complete the upgrade. FileWave 15.1 has been modified to adapt to these changes, therefore it is then recommended to upgrade to FileWave 15.1 before upgrading to macOS Sonoma.

In case devices are upgraded to macOS Sonoma before FileWave is upgraded to 15.1, you have to know that:

  • These devices won't report the macOS version properly until they are upgraded to FileWave 15.1 or newer client.
  • A device restart will be required to upgrade FileWave client to version 15.1. This can be achieved automatically by enabling the "requires reboot" option if you go to Properties for the upgrade Fileset.

As a reminder, released version of Operating Systems can be supported. Testing existing and new features is made with Beta versions which are subject to change. These OS will be supported after the release and going through our QA process.