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Self Signed Certificate Error during iOS OTA Enrollment

This article shows how to resolve an error if you are manually enrolling 10.3+ devices in FileWave with a self-signed certificate.

It is considered a best practise to have a root trusted certificate defined in the FileWave> Preferences> Mobile>  HTTPS certificate section. In FileWave v12+ it is easy to determine whether you have a self-signed certificate or not. Simply log into the FileWave Admin, open the preferences, go to the "Mobile" tab, and you will see in the HTTPS section, the following line:


If this is the case, you will still be able to enroll iOS 10.3+ devices through DEP. But if the device is iOS 10.3+ and you try a manual web enrollment (OTA), you will get the following error. 


If you choose to retain your self-signed certificate, you will have to use the steps below to resolve the error. Alternatively, you can purchase a root trusted certificate, and you will not encounter this issue. Again, it is highly recommended that you purchase a root trusted certificate (can include a wildcard) so that you don't have to work around this trust issue, as described below. 

Steps to Resolve (if you choose to keep a self signed certificate in place)

  1. Navigate to the your manual enrollment address:
  2. Select: "Step 1 - Install Certificate"

  3. Once you have selected step one, the device will ask you to Install the cert, go through those three prompts by hitting Install each time and finally Done.
  4. After the certificate has been installed, open the "Settings" app on the iOS device. Do not start Step 2 (This will prompt the error). 
  5. Go into General => About
  6. At the bottom of the "About" section, tap the sub section called "Certificate Trust Settings"
  7. You will see an option called ENABLE FULL TRUST FOR ROOT CERTIFICATES
  8. Toggle that option for your newly installed certificate


Now go back to the manual enrollment page and finish the steps with "Step 2 - Enroll Device".