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FileWave Compatibility Mode - EOL


Compatibility Mode will be phased out with FileWave 15.4.0 in the first half of 2024.


Communication between FileWave components is encrypted and relies on TLS certificates for several years now. Back in the day, to facilitate the transition, a Compatibility Mode was introduced, allowing clients running versions older than 13.1 to still be managed by a more recent server despite not supporting proper encryption. It is now time to drop compatibility mode to enforce secured communications.


It will be removed in FileWave 15.4.0 which will mean that it is very important to ensure that your macOS and Windows clients are running version 13.1 or higher to continue communication. 

This means the minimum OS versions that can be enrolled are macOS 10.11 and Windows 7 SP1 - but it is obviously not recommended to run outdated, unsecured end-of-life Operating Systems