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Observe Client - EOL

As a continuing bid to improve FileWave features and unify the product across platforms, as of FileWave 14.8.0 the FileWave computer client will no longer include the Observe Client feature.  This has been replaced with TeamViewer.

TeamViewer expands the possibilities of features available for device connections, whilst being fully cross-platform for all device types managed.


Q: How does this impact older clients?
A: Once the FileWave server has been upgraded to 14.8, the option to Observe Clients will no longer be possible, regardless of the version of the client.

Q: How does this impact Client Preferences?
A: FileWave Admin and the Superprefs Editor will no longer provide options to configure VNC ports.  However, the Privacy Preferences for 'Managed Remote Control' and 'Prompt client for remote control access' are utilized by TeamViewer.

If you have Superpref Filesets to define VNC ports, these should be removed, since they will no longer do anything

Not familiar with TeamViewer in FileWave yet?  Take a look at our KB articles.