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ZeroMQ replacement with NATS - EOL


ZeroMQ is being replaced with NATS in a process starting with v14.8.


This move will naturally occur when upgrading FileWave components where eventually NATS will replace ZMQ everywhere it is used.  This article and release notes will explain what is migrated in each new version.  

This does have an impact on what network ports are used in FileWave.


 Please observe our TCP ports KB for additional and deprecated ports.

  • As of FileWave 14.8, NATS will be implemented instead of ZeroMQ for Admin to Server communication.
  • In 14.9 the ZeroMQ features for clients is removed. NATS is used for all notifications between clients and servers as well as boosters.
  • In 15.0 ZeroMQ is entirely removed and no longer used.