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Installing Windows Fonts


Windows font installation is not as simple as adding files to a folder.  As well as copying files, the registry requires editing.  The following Fileset will add Fonts to Windows systems.

The Fileset has been tested with TTF on Windows Pro 10, 1803 and 1903

Registry Editing

This Fileset edits the Windows registry. Follow instructions carefully to ensure only the required Font files exist in the suggested folder.


Download and import the Fileset, then ensure to edit appropriately, as per the directions, for desired fonts

Windows Instal


The Fileset consists of:

  • An Activation Script
  • A folder to provide the fonts; with a placeholder file


Adding Fonts

  • Select the Fonts in a macOS Finder or Windows Explorer Window
  • Drag them into the Fileset folder Windows > Temp > Fonts
  • Select the Fonts folder in the Fileset, choose Get Info > Verification and set Ignore At Verify; Apply to Enclosed
  • Remove the 'placeholder.remove' file

Example, Monsterrat Font:



On Association and Activation, the script will:

  • Copy ALL files from C:\Windows\Temp\Fonts to C:\Windows\Fonts (if they do not already exist)
  • For each file copied, a registry entry will be created (if one does not yet exist)
  • Finally the script will remove each file from the temporary directory: C:\Windows\Temp\Fonts

Changing Temporary Folder

Should a different temporary folder be desirable:

  • Drag the fonts to the desired location in the Fileset
  • Change the Launch Argument to match: InstalFonts.ps1 > Get Info > Executable


As always, test on appropriate devices before deploying en masse.