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Upgrading Multiple Boosters


The auto-upgrade Booster feature will offer FileWave administrators a centralized way to upgrade all their boosters from within FileWave.


Having to ssh or remote control each of them to download and run the installer takes too much time. Starting with FileWave 14.4, the "Boosters" and "Booster Details" tabs will provide an option for each Booster that has an applicable upgrade available. Some of the criteria to determine if there is an applicable upgrade are:

  • Booster has to be at least 14.4
  • The operating system version has to be supported by the target version
  • The booster has to be running in order to trigger an upgrade
  • The version number of the target version has to be higher than the currently installed version (i.e you cannot use this feature to reinstall/downgrade to a specific version)

This will discuss a multi-Booster setup. As you increase the number of Boosters in use this process will save more and more time.


It is also possible to upgrade multiple boosters. In this case, one booster will be upgraded one after another in alphabetical order. The simplest way to upgrade multiple boosters is to use the "Upgrade All Boosters" button in the toolbar of the Boosters section of the native console:

Upgrade All Boosters icon.png

It automatically schedules all boosters to upgrade. Alternatively, you can select multiple boosters and use the context menu or toolbar button to upgrade them.

To track the progress of upgrading multiple boosters, you can use the new Booster Upgrade status field mentioned earlier. You can also use the new check box Upgrade available which allows you to filter out boosters that have no upgrade available. This check box is displayed in both the Boosters and Booster Details tabs:

Booster Header.png

Booster Status Fields.png

With this new functionality, the process to upgrade Boosters should be greatly simplified, especially for larger environments.