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What are "Server Messages" and why do I want them?


Perhaps you have seen the option in Superprefs Editor or in Client Monitor about "Route server messages via boosters" and asked yourself what that was?



We know that when a client is talking to the FileWave server it does a check-in every so often (2min default). But how does it talk and what is said?

When we take a look at the Default TCP and UDP Port Usage for FileWave we see 20015 and 20017 (communications between client and server). There is also NATS ports that handle notifications for things like initiating a TeamViewer session.


Basically, server messages are the communications a client needs to work with the server. Below is a list of messages that could be sent via the publishing and routing services if this option is enabled. You should enable Route Server Messages via boosters to let your Boosters handle these additional communications to take burden off the FileWave Server.

  • Checkin

  • Fileset properties and status

  • Software updates

  • Lock / Unlock client

  • Kiosk categories and item info