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Using RSS to stay updated on KB updates


As a user of FileWave, you want to know when KB articles are created or updated. The KB has a built-in function called an RSS feed that can keep you updated on what has changed.

Note that the KB also has a native way you can be notified via email about updates to Books, Chapters or Pages. If you would prefer that then make sure to login to the KB and then look for "Watch" on the right side of the page while viewing something.  Using Email to stay updated on KB updates


An RSS feed is a format for delivering summaries of regularly changing web content. Subscribing to an RSS feed lets you stay informed of the latest content from sites you are interested in.

RSS is not designed to be read in a regular web browser. Specialized RSS newsreader programs can check RSS files every so often, and tell you what's new on a site. Your reader may be on a website, a browser extension, part of your email program, or a stand-alone program.


Use any RSS reader to subscribe to one of the below feeds, and you will always know what is new. 



The following are some popular RSS readers for various operating systems. 

Mac OS X