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FileWave Version 12.0.0 (Unsupported)

These downloads are provided for the purposes of migrations and should not continue to be used in production. You should upgrade to either the most recent release or the one prior. They can always be found here: Supported FileWave Versions

FileWave Management Suite

Included in the Installer

  • Admin
  • Server
  • Booster
  • Client



  • OS X 10.11 through 10.12 (binaries are 64 bit only)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, and Server 2012 R2
  • Linux CentOS 6.8 x86_64, and 7.3 x86_64 (binaries are 64 bit only)


  • OS X 10.9 through 10.12 (binaries are 64 bit only)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, and Server 2012 R2
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Linux CentOS 6.8 x86_64, 7.3 x86_64 (binaries are 64 bit only)


  • OS X 10.11 through 10.12 (binaries are 64 bit only)
  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10


  • OS X 10.9 through 10.12 (binaries are 64 bit only)
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012 R2

Mobile Clients

  • iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10
  • Android 4.1, 4.2 *known issues, 4.3 (Jelly Bean), 4.4 (KitKat), 5, 6 and 7
  • Chromebook: ChromeOS 43+

New Features

ChromeBooks support

  • Google Organization Units are mirrored within FileWave.
  • Collection of inventory data from the ChromeBooks (including geolocation).
  • License report for installed ChromeBooks applications/extensions.

FileWave Admin and Dashboard

  • Added the ability to search across all kinds of clients in inventory queries.
  • Enhanced audit logs.
  • Added auth username to the clients view in the FileWave Admin.
  • Added classroom and booster module to Dashboard.

FileWave Server

  • Added decontrol commands to stop/start postgres, apache and the scheduler.
  • fwxserver now uses the loopback network interface to contact MDM for better performance and security.
  • The installer now better reports where there are errors and creates a log file on Windows.

DEP, VPP profiles and iOS

  • New skip items for Home Button Sensitivity.
  • New Restrictions Back To My Mac & Find My Mac.
  • “Verify device” button in iOS App Portal.

Imaging 5.0.0

  • Windows native UEFI support.
  • Output Mac imaging logs to IVS.

Engage 1.2.0

  • ChromeBooks support

Support for Apple Spring Release (iOS 10.3, tvOS 10.2, macOS 10.12.4)

  • New commands (Restart and ShutDown devices)
  • New DEP options ; support for zero touch MDM enrollment for Apple TVs
  • Entreprise Application management (tvOS)
  • New Profiles options (new restrictions, tvOS specific profiles,…)
  • Enhanced MDM Lost Mode
  • Support for tethering only mode (iOS 10.3)
  • ASM v3 support (new fields...)

Additional Information

Included Open Source Software

Click here for an extensive list of Open Source Software included in the FileWave products.


12.0.0 Fixes:

  • FW-11173 - If exporting a file fails, you are left with a Windows Explorer dialog that is open.
  • FW-11966 - Empty text files cannot be exported.
  • FW-13787 - Server installer postflight script on macOS produces sysctl errors.
  • FW-14212 - fwxserver -a crashes when uploading several large filesets at once.
  • FW-14293 - Fixed an issue where Finder payload could not preserve its settings in certain.
  • FW-14522 - Dragging the icon in Preferences displays an error.
  • FW-14559 - Made sure you can't open more than 1 about box.
  • FW-14580 - Made "Create license from Fileset" dialog clearer regarding which fileset types apply.
  • FW-14747 - FileWave admin service not starting after changing LDAP settings.
  • FW-15639 - Fixed an issue where archived devices are re-instated as 'normal' tracking mode.
  • FW-15673 - superprefs editor does not save plist files that contain only default server port number.
  • FW-15854 - Fixed an issue where dependency with reboot flag could cause client to deadlock (macOS).
  • FW-15989 - SYSTEM user is no longer considered while gathering information about last logged in username (Windows).
  • FW-16070 - Fixed an issue where model update could fail after importing the same profile fileset several times.
  • FW-16106 - File search is now case insensitive.
  • FW-16142 - Fixed an issue where admin without Modify Imaging permissions could enable or disable Windows imaging associations.
  • FW-16143 - Fixed an issue where admin without Modify Imaging permissions could use 'delete association' button.
  • FW-16165 - Fixed an issue where line endings in client's log files were not correctly converted (Windows).
  • FW-16219 - File search: circular progress never disappears when entering same filter twice.
  • FW-16398 - Fixed an issue where ignore Engage status notifications for iOS and macOS APN certificates options were unchecked every time preferences dialog opened.
  • FW-16548 - Fixed an issue in SCEP payload where 'Challenge' key was incorrectly set.
  • FW-16556 - Fixed an issue where Classroom profiles would not be deployed if device serial is not uppercase.
  • FW-16563 - On windows allow '!' in the names of the files.
  • FW-16618 - Fixed an issue where unicode control characters could be sent with last logged in username.
  • FW-16620 - Fixed and issue where SCEP payload would not accept parameterized profile variables.
  • FW-16641 - Fixed an issue where Security & Privacy payload could display validation error even if there were no validation issues.
  • FW-16672 - Fixed discovery report title date format to follow local settings.
  • FW-16855 - Fixed an issue where locked folder didn't get removed after removing association that contained that folder.
  • FW-16865 - Fixed an issue where interactive scripts didn't correctly display DOS window (Windows).
  • FW-16913 - Fixed an issue where re-enrolling iPads that were shared would still be considered as shared even if they are not anymore.
  • FW-16915 - Clear button in New Clients dialog does not reset number on select all button.
  • FW-17003 - Fixed incorrect title in Permission dialog.
  • FW-17007 - Errors occurring while accessing inventory for discovery purposes are now correctly displayed.
  • FW-17016 - Fixed an issue where cloning an iOS device could make the device a classroom device, target the device to a cart and assign the device to that cart.
  • FW-17022 - Fixed an issue where DEP placeholders could have been renamed during enrollment.
  • FW-17023 - locking lots of clients is taking a long time.
  • FW-17137 - Fixed a potential crash in Fileset Magic when merging fileset and selecting Master image.
  • FW-17162 - Discovery: Group by option not entirely visible regardless of FileWave Admin window size.
  • FW-17199 - Added missing option in Home Screen payload.
  • FW-17200 - Description in LDAP payload is no longer required field.
  • FW-17204 - Fileset contents window - reveal doesn't work.
  • FW-17205 - Fileset contents window - rename doesn't update the text immediately.
  • FW-17206 - In fileset contents window, adding comment would deselect the text after 1 second.
  • FW-17214 - Fixed an issue where OK button could have been enabled when invalid Clever District ID in Configure SIS source dialog.
  • FW-17219 - Fixed an issue where DEP token name was missing in the Dashboard.
  • FW-17232 - Edit Association Dlg: layout constantly jumps while moving dlg on windows.
  • FW-17241 - Fixed an issue where some payload names could have been cut off (Windows).
  • FW-17242 - Added missing options in Cellular payload.
  • FW-17243 - Added missing options in macOS server accounts payload.
  • FW-17245 - Added missing options in Restrictions payload.
  • FW-17252 - Fixed an issue where PKG fileset could not be made active once they have been made passive.
  • FW-17254 - Fixed an issue where restarting services on Windows 2012 would fail.
  • FW-17269 - Fixed an issue where non interactive scripts could fail while deployed to Windows 7 clients.
  • FW-17310 - Fixed an issue where e-mail address could have been not saved in Organization Info tab in preferences.
  • FW-17327 - Added label that explains for what type of script execution types logs are being captured.
  • FW-17406 - Fixed an issue where displayed size of a fileset could have 0 bytes.
  • FW-17417 - manually enrolling existing fwcld with profile filesets into mdm leads to USER profiles being removed by fwcld.
  • FW-17428 - Fixed an issue where clients on macOS 10.11 and 10.12 always indicated System Integrity Protection being disabled.
  • FW-17429 - Fixed an issue where fileset created in a group could have been placed in root level.
  • FW-17431 - Services are now stopped in the right order (macOS).
  • FW-17432 - Fixed an issue where database could deadlock due to periodical GCM status checks.
  • FW-17436 - Fixed user interface glitches while selecting inventory query.
  • FW-17460 - App Store locale in Profiles Editor is now configurable.
  • FW-17475 - Fixed an issue where user could not have been asked for UID while exporting and importing a fileset.
  • FW-17476 - Fixed an issue where superprefs filesets would not work if deployed on a different platform as the admin.
  • FW-17483 - Fixed an issue where server could stop working due to insufficient number of available file descriptors in the system (macOS).
  • FW-17518 - Fixed an issue where enrolling mac devices to MDM could break smart group based on device product name.
  • FW-17522 - Added optional prefix for teachers and students to avoid SIS ID duplicates.
  • FW-17524 - VBscript is not required in Windows installer anymore
  • FW-17528 - Fixed an issue where filesets with dependencies sometimes were not fully uninstalled.
  • FW-17530 - Fixed an issue where fwcld would consume high CPU on macOS.
  • FW-17537 - Fixed an issue where booster failed to start after upgrade (Linux).
  • FW-17538 - Fixed an issue where booster could crash due to problems with sockets.
  • FW-17539, FW-17817 - Fixed networking layer issue that could cause connectivity problems, showing "error -99".
  • FW-17546 - Windows Remote Wipe doesn't delete all User Data.
  • FW-17549 - Inventory based views can now display tooltip with column description.
  • FW-17550 - Fixed spelling in Login Window profile.
  • FW-17562 - Fixed exceptionally high RAM usage while receiving particular requests.
  • FW-17582 - Fixed an issue where certain passwords could break superprefs.
  • FW-17605 - macOS vpp device assignment apps can not be updated using filewave.
  • FW-17608 - Fixed an issue where booster monitor could have not be able to connect to booster anymore.
  • FW-17631 - Postgres is now started and stopped in more graceful fashion (macOS).
  • FW-17638 - Fixed an issue where macOS client was blocked to reboot a machine due to running EmojiFunctionRowIM_Extension.appex process (macOS 10.12.2+).
  • FW-17644 - User with Modify Associations right but not Modify Filesets right cannot create an association using drag and drop.
  • FW-17655 - MDMclient cannot replace SYSTEM profile when it has been originally deployed via the FileWave client.
  • FW-17664 - Fixed an issue where creating a fileset from an iBook in License Management view could lead to an error.
  • FW-17672 - Made sure postgres binaries are kept when uninstalling in case they would be required for further upgrade (Linux).
  • FW-17688 - "reinstall" button in mobile fileset reports does not work for iOS devices.
  • FW-17760 - Fixed an issue where booster could crash due to insufficient number of available file descriptors in the system (macOS).
  • FW-17763 - Made script file ownership and permission consistent wherever the file has been created from script dialog or manually added.
  • FW-17768 - Fixed an issue where unique machine ID changed if network interface card got disabled which lead to duplicates in inventory (Windows).
  • FW-17783 - Windows admin output can now be redirected to a file.
  • FW-17785 - Kiosk installed iOS apps are now updated if there is a new version in the App Store.
  • FW-17785 - Kiosk installed iOS apps are now updated if there is a new version in the App Store.
  • FW-17795 - Fixed an issue where LDAP extraction would fail.
  • FW-17800 - Fixed an issue where clicking "Create Fileset" button in Fileset Magic dialog could have crashed the application if one of the files detected during snaphot creation has been removed.
  • FW-17807 - Fixed an issue where fwGUI (kiosk) would consume high CPU and be unresponsive.
  • FW-17819: Windows Upgrade Fileset 11.2.2 installs Custom Upgrade Fileset 10.0.x and never really upgrades the client.
  • FW-17864: Fixed a possible crash due to high memory usage.
  • FW-17866 - Scrolling with keyboard in ClientInfo - Fileset Status moves the cursor out of the view
  • FW-17867 - Fixed an issue where values of custom boolean fields were stored incorrectly.
  • FW-17879 - Fixed an issue where client didn't create files in allegedly protected paths.
  • FW-17912 - Improve handling of VPP error 9616 (License already assigned).
  • FW-17923 - Different behaviour when selecting all / copying Filesets on Client Info - Fileset Status.
  • FW-17926 - Comments not removed from items in Fileset Contents.
  • FW-17950 - Various cosmetics fixes to "Get Info" dialog.
  • FW-17959, FW-17938 - References to OSX instead of macOS.
  • FW-17960 - Fixed Fileset Magic Tooltip.
  • FW-17961 - New Fileset: Some of the ToolTips do not have Fileset capitalized.
  • FW-17962 - New Desktop Fileset: App Store does not have a tooltip
  • FW-17963 - New Mobile Fileset: Tooltips missing "an"
  • FW-18010 - Classroom profile now sets passcode type for Apple Manage ids.
  • FW-18022 - Added the "Home Screen Layout" app in the profile editor.
  • FW-18027 - Inventory Tab: New/Edit Group dialog uses old interface title bar.
  • FW-18029 - Fixed Exchange profile default values.
  • FW-18038 - Fixed an issue where inactive users could be selected when creating classroom associations.
  • FW-18053 - Classroom profile generation fails if cart associated to one empty class.
  • FW-18059 - Fixed an issue where devices would be incorrectly removed from cart ; fixed an issue where re-enrolled device would not be added to cart. Improve classroom profile generation performance. Made classroom profile more robust in case of invalid SIS data.
  • FW-18070 - Fixed an issue where stopping booster may not stop all components.
  • FW-18071 - Fixed keyboard shortcuts on the admin view for the tab selection.
  • FW-18076 - Fixed an issue where reboot filesets would not reboot on Windows Server.
  • FW-18082 - Fixed performance issue on Admin leading to freezes when groups are removed by other admins.
  • FW-18085 - Various cosmetic UI changes in Classroom tab.
  • FW-18088 - Booster Monitor shows beachball if one of the boosters is slow to reply.
  • FW-18089 - Fixed an issue where booster running on very slow (I/O) hardware would cause client starvation.
  • FW-18095 - Fixed an issue where translations would not be correctly loaded.
  • FW-18138 - Fixed an issue where BitDefender would block reboot.
  • FW-18156 - Pref. Pane extension using symlinks like Java were not available in Restriction profile.
  • FW-18201 - Siri app is now in Restriction profile.
  • FW-18247 - Fixed an issue with Proxy profile related to port numbers.
  • FW-18253 - Fixed incorrect label related to Lock Screen Message profile.
  • FW-18274 - Fixed possible upgrade issue when initial version is FileWave Linux 10.0.2.
  • FW-18281 - Fixed cosmetic issue where "delete" toolbar button stays active after deleting current association.
  • FW-18283 - Education profile is smaller and has less dependancies.
  • FW-18294 - Auto add new clients may fail if you do model update after client installation.
  • FW-18302 - Fixed and issue where importing Android APK would mark all existing filesets as modified.
  • FW-18307 - Fixed an issue where "Network error" would be reported when the client is waiting for the booster to download the fileset.
  • FW-18309 - Better handling of wildcard and trusted certificates for MDM.
  • FW-18339 - Importing files on OSX over the network would fail.
  • FW-18369 - Attempt to install Software Update could fail with "this computer is not requesting it".
  • FW-18436 - Added a check in the pre install steps for the server to check if there is enough disk space.
  • FW-18438 - Made sure one can change the device naming scheme for imported DEP Profile.
  • FW-18470 - Fixed the client location dialog to not show "API key required".


Your existing FileWave Server must be version 10.x or higher before you can upgrade to FileWave 12.x.
Please take a moment to run the Migration Check tool ( ) before performing your upgrade.


Please read: 

This article contains important information that will help ensure your upgrade runs smoothly.  It is strongly advised that you review this for each release, since new notes or instructions may have been added.

FileWave 12 will require updated backup scripts, please be sure to update these after a successful upgrade.

Upgrading to FileWave 12 will require upgrading your FileWave Imaging Appliance (IVS) to version 5.0 or greater. FileWave 12 servers will not communicate with older IVS installations. The FileWave Engage Server must be version 1.2.0 or greater for compatibility.


VPP Device Assignment requires that your iOS devices are upgraded to iOS 9 -- creating "VPP Device Assignment" associations to iOS 8 devices may cause loss of user data!

The new feature of VPP app assignment to devices will cause the creation of a VPP user with no organization linked to all MDM Apple devices (iOS and macOS). If you have queries that fetch the VPP users for VPP organization, you'll have to add a criteria "VPP Organization.token name is not null."

It is not recommended to convert all associations from user to device association at once, as Apple limits the number of requests per min. Read more at

Location Tracking

The location reporting feature in FileWave is disabled by default.
It is recommended that you verify that this feature is in accordance with your organization’s policies and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Notify your end users before activating location reporting, as enabling the feature will prompt for permission to location information.
Read more... The Location Tracking KB (

macOS Downloads

macOS Installers

macOS Upgrade Fileset

Windows Downloads

Windows Installers

Windows Upgrade Fileset

In order to avoid problems with migrating database internal structures please make sure that you use a local administrator account, not domain administrator, when performing FileWave Server upgrade on Windows platform.

Linux Downloads

Linux Installers

Note: Use the following command to download and unzip the installers:



Since v11+ only has one installer (that installs both mdm and server), the old standalone mdm will be removed automatically when doing an upgrade. This does not delete any mdm data.

To install or upgrade the FileWave Server , use the following :

yum install -y --nogpgcheck fwxserver-12.0.0-1.0.x86_64.rpm

To install or upgrade the FileWave Booster , use the following :

yum install -y --nogpgcheck fwbooster-12.0.0-1.0.x86_64.rpm

iOS Downloads

This is a native app version of the traditional Web Clip kiosk/app portal that is sent to devices ; it provides for a better end user experience and is highly recommended for iOS 8 devices (required for location information).

iOS 8+ : FileWave Enterprise.ipa
Static CDN URL :

Android Downloads

This is the Android APK, and can be downloaded and associated to update already enrolled Android Devices.


The FileWave Inventory extension for Chromebook has to be installed via the Google Admin Console for your domain. Please see Quickstart Guide for Chromebooks for detailed instructions

Virtual Appliance Downloads

VMware and VirtualBox (OVF) Server Appliance
VMware and VirtualBox (OVF) Booster Appliance

For more information about importing the appliances please see: Importing FileWave Appliances

Hyper-V Appliance Downloads

Hyper-V (VHD) Server Appliance
Hyper-V (VHD) Booster Appliance