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Backup Procedures for FileWave Hosted Servers


This article details the backup procedures and policies for FileWave Hosted Servers. Understanding how and what data is backed up is essential for effectively managing and safeguarding your organization's devices and information.


Backups are automatically performed daily for all FileWave Hosted Servers. This routine is crucial for disaster recovery, maintaining data integrity, and ensuring minimal downtime in unexpected data loss situations. The retention period for these backups is 30 days, ensuring a sufficient window for recovery if needed.


Backups are executed daily and stored securely in highly available AWS S3 buckets. The following paths are included in the backups, ensuring comprehensive coverage of both configuration and operational data:

  • /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver/DB
  • /private/var/log
  • /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver/Data Folder
  • /usr/local/filewave/instrumentation_data
  • /usr/local/filewave/apache/conf
  • /usr/local/filewave/apache/logs
  • /usr/local/filewave/apache/passwd
  • /usr/local/filewave/django/filewave
  • /usr/local/filewave/conf
  • /usr/local/filewave/certs
  • /usr/local/filewave/fwcld
  • /usr/local/filewave/ipa
  • /usr/local/filewave/log
  • /usr/local/filewave/media
  • /usr/local/filewave/tmp
  • /var/log
  • /usr/local/filewave/scripts
  • /usr/local/etc
  • /tmp
  • /usr/local/filewave/nats
  • /install/
  • /usr/local/filewave/tls
  • /etc/filewave_init
  • /etc/filewave_setup

It is important to note that while FileWave ensures the security and availability of backups, direct access to these backups by customers is not provided. Going to a backup would generally be based on scenarios such as database or file corruption or the loss of an AWS datacenter due to a disaster.

Digging Deeper

Backups are a critical aspect of data management and recovery strategies. They ensure that in the event of data loss, corruption, or disaster, operations can be restored with minimal impact. FileWave's Hosted Server backups are designed to provide a robust and secure safety net for your organization's device management infrastructure.