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Deploying Google Play Web Apps

Sometimes called a web clips, these are items that look like apps, but open to webpages.

Creating the Fileset

You need to have the Google Chrome app installed or allowed for web apps to work.

  1. From the Filesets view

  2. Select "New Mobile Fileset"

  3. Select "Play Store"

  4. On the left, select the globe (Web app)

Figure 1.1 - Adding Web App

     5. .Hit the plus in the bottom right

  • Enter Name
  • Enter URL
  • Choose Display (Full Screen, Standalone, Minimal UI)
  • (option) upload Icon

       7. Click "Create" on the bottom right (Wait for the                 App to process and then show)
       8. Click on the app
       9. Scroll down then press "Select"

FileWave will make the fileset in the background and leave the window open so you can keep searching for additional apps

10.  Now associate the app to devices.

See: Using Associations with Filesets for steps on creating associations