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Force Location for EMM Android Devices


This article will help you enable location services and open the FileWave app on devices to start the reporting process.

The EMM FileWave client will send location every 15min but needs to be launched one time to start this process and location services need to be on to support the app.

Note that for any location services through the Android companion app to function, there is a server side setting for Android that must be enabled (for version 13.3.x). See related article here: Location Tracking


  • FW Central


  1. Create a Fileset for the FileWave Google Play Store app

  2. From FileWave Admin, create a new mobile fileset

    1. Select Play Store

    2. Search for "FileWave" and click on it (Figure 1.1)

    3. Press the "Select" button on the right

    4. Close that window

      You do NOT need to associate the app out to devices. FileWave does this automatically. You are only adding this application from the play store so you can select it in the policy 

Figure 1.1 - FW Client on Play Store

  1. Create a Fileset For the Android Policy

    1. From FileWave Admin, create a new mobile fileset

    2. Select Policy under Android

    3. In the description, give it a name (like "Force Location On")

    4. Select "Device Restrictions" on the left and press "Configure..."

    5. Change "Location accuracy" to "High Accuracy" (Figure 1.2)


      This setting to turn on location services is not mandated...a customer can turn their location services back off. There is no policy available to prevent this. 

      However, if you make any other policy changes to that device and update the model, this same policy will turn it back on again. (Every time the policy is changed it applies wholly again to the device)


    6. Select "Dedicated Device" on the left and press "Configure..."

    7. For "Locked Task" change the dropdown to "Locked Task"

    8. Select your "Play Store App - FW Client" fileset (Figure 1.3)

  2. Associate this Policy Fileset out to EMM enrolled Android Devices

  3. Update the Model

Figure 1.2 - Policy for Location 

Figure 1.3 - Policy for Dedicated Task