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Classroom – Different Deployment Scenarios

To have Classroom working, you need:

  • All devices enrolled in FileWave
  • Teacher devices identified, with Classroom app installed on them
  • 1:1 devices identified (with identified Student)
  • Cart Groups for shared devices
  • Classes information (teachers, students, cart) loaded into the FileWave database

So you will have to:

  • Enroll devices
  • Import SIS data (classes, teachers, students)
  • Associate devices to users (for 1:1 and teachers) and Carts-to-Classes (Shared model)
  • Deploy Classroom app to teacher devices

FileWave does not require a specific order for these actions.
Some scenarios:

  1. Enroll Cart devices and create carts
  2. Import SIS data
  3. Associate classes to carts
  4. Create placeholders for teacher devices
  5. Associate each teacher device to its teacher
  6. Deploy Classroom to teacher devices
  7. Have a 1:1 enrollment process (with auto enroll) where MDM auth username matches SIS identifier, so students can unbox their iPad and do the enrollment themselves

You can also prepare everything upfront:

  1. Import SIS data
  2. Import placeholders for 1:1 devices
  3. Enroll cart devices
  4. Associate classes to carts, devices to persons
  5. Deploy Classroom to teacher devices
  6. Enroll one-to-one devices

Changes can be incremental - so if, for instance, you have a new student, you can add the device:person association later without re-doing everything.