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Classroom – Image Service

The Classroom app is able to display pictures of students - by default, initials will be used. FileWave has to be configured regarding where to get images.

Classroom uses SSL for communication and will use the device certificate to authenticate itself to the imaging service. FileWave will receive the request from the device and check if the certificate is valid. If it is, then FileWave will request the image from the image (picture) hosting service and serve back the image to the device

People, in the Classroom environment, whether teachers or students, all have an identifier (sis_id) and images are stored on the referenced server in two sizes (large, small). Our recommendation regarding image size are 675x1024 pixels for the small image and 2700x4100 pixels for the large image. Test a few before deploying hundreds of images to ensure that these sizes work well with your student devices.

In FileWave Admin Preferences, Education Tab, Apple Classroom pane, you can specify where FileWave will request images from. We support http and https protocols, as well as basic and digest authentication.

Classroom app and shared iPad login screens have a long time cache based on the image URL. The cache can be "reset" by clicking the corresponding button above. Iit does not clear the cache (there is no way to do so), but it generates a new URL for each image, so devices will be forced to re-download them.

For more information regarding setting up your Classroom Image service, see this FileWave knowledgebase article: Getting student images into Classroom