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Force shared device passcode type

There is a limitation (As of July 2018) in Apple's Roster API by which FileWave uses to obtain all SIS (student information system) data like classes and student passcode requirements.

For example, on ASM (Apple School Manager - you can define that a user's password requirements are for a 4 digit pin to a complex alpha-numeric. This information should then be shared via Apple's Roster API to FileWave, so that we can show the appropriate keyboard, like a simple 10 button numeric keypad if a pin only user, but it's currently not available.

Until Apple adds this information to the Roster API, you can force all devices to one type:

Linux/MacOS FileWave Server:


# add this in and restart apache
# supported values are "four", "six", "complex"

You can use either


Which corresponds to Apple's different Password Policy options: