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Classroom – What we don’t support

  • Carts are always associated to a whole Class. There is no way to indicate to FileWave that this cart is for the 10 first students while the second cart is for the last 10 students.
  • Passcode options - we can't get the passcode type from ASM for a person, so we can't prepare the right passcode keyboard.
  • We don't Group classes by Department.
  • Class-level deployment (i.e. make an association to a Class, all devices used by that class will get the app, users in that class will see the app, others won't. However, it is still possible to deploy apps outside of the Classroom use case, so you can't say that just because an iPad is in a Cart Group that only apps that have been deployed to the class(es) associated with the cart can be seen by students in a given class…).