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Integrating Telepod with FileWave


This article discusses Telepod, an automaton created to streamline the lifecycle of an iOS device. Telepod enables the backup and restoration of new iOS devices without iCloud, remotely monitored by IT support. It can work as part of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, like FileWave, to retain the Automated Device Enrollment configuration during MDM migrations.


Telepod is essential when setting up new iOS devices, replacing existing devices, or migrating devices between MDM solutions. It offers a streamlined and efficient method to manage iOS device lifecycles, which is particularly useful in large-scale environments where multiple devices need to be managed simultaneously.


Telepod operates through highly customizable workflows, launched from an assistant available in the Self Service of a Mac enrolled in an MDM solution. Currently, there are four types of workflows:

  1. Migration (MDM switching): This migrates a device from one MDM to another. No data transfer occurs, and devices are enrolled in the new MDM using Device Enrollment.

  2. Replacement: This replaces a current device with a new one. It supports two main use cases: device switching under the current MDM and MDM switching to a new MDM.

  3. Setup: This sets up a new device from the backup of another device acting as a model.

  4. Backup: This creates a backup of a device acting as a model, allowing other new devices to be set up.

Data is transferred locally over a wired connection for Backup, Replacement, and Setup workflows, bypassing the need for iCloud. Backups can be stored centrally in a distribution point, making them available worldwide.

Telepod's latest version includes a new user interface based on swiftDialog. The previous interface, based on DEPNotify, is still available to ensure a smooth transition for existing users.

The tool supports multiple languages, currently available in English and French, and can be localized to other languages as required. Telepod is a "turnkey" software, meaning no scripting knowledge is required for implementation or upgrade.

Complete documentation on how to use Telepod with FileWave is provided upon purchase, offering detailed instructions and support. Please note that Telepod supports a variety of MDM solutions with FileWave included.

telepod_2_replacement_filewave_001_Telepod initialization.png telepod_2_replacement_filewave_002_Workflow selection.png
telepod_2_replacement_filewave_003_Workflow introduction.png telepod_2_replacement_filewave_004_Workflow started.png
telepod_2_replacement_filewave_005_Current device selection.png telepod_2_replacement_filewave_006_Current device backup.png
telepod_2_replacement_filewave_007_New device selection.png telepod_2_replacement_filewave_008_New device customization.png
telepod_2_replacement_filewave_009_Backup restoration.png telepod_2_replacement_filewave_010_New device prepared.png
telepod_2_replacement_filewave_011_Workflow completed.png telepod_2_replacement_filewave_012_Received Webhooks.png


Demo : Replacement / Device switching (DEPNotify)