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Amazon Kindle Deployment (macOS App)


To create a Fileset, there is no need for Fileset Magic. Instead, drag-and-drop into a template Fileset will do it.

The Kindle App is also on the App Store, so you are able to use VPP.

These instructions will also work.


  • FW Admin
  • (Other tools, features, and applications that will be needed)


  1. Download and install on your FW Admin computer. You can do this through the App Store, but for easier updating we recommending visiting ( ) and downloading the kindle app.dmg from there.
  2. Import the attached fileset ( ) into FileWave Admin , and double-click it to open it.
  3. Drag the from your Applications folder into the Applications Folder in of the Fileset.
  4. You FileSet is ready to deploy !
  5. Important: If a user accidentally deletes / uninstalls the, it will not run again unless:
    • You deploy this app with FileWave Kiosk. This way if a user accidentally deletes  uninstalls the, he will have the option to make the app run through kicking on Uninstall and then again on Install on the Kiosk.
    • Otherwise the FW Admin will have send a "reinstall selected fileset" command to make the open again