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Message to macOS User


This Fileset recipe shows you how to send a Message via a dialog box to a User currently logged on to a Mac, using a fileset.

This Fileset will make the FileWave Client wait with further deployments until the end user has acknowledged the dialog and closed it with "ok". If you want to change that behaviour so that it just displays a message and then deploys further filesets, refer to the last step of the recipe.



  1. Download the attached zip file, uncompress it and import it into FileWave Admin via Drag & Drop , or by clicking "New Desktop Fileset" , "Import".
  2. Double-Click the FileSet to display its contents, and drill down to the /usr/local/scripts folder.
  3. Click once onto the message.txt and then the "Edit Text" button on the top of the FileSet Window to edit the file. Adjust the message to what you need it to say, and confirm with "OK".
  4. Associate the FileSet to a Mac where somebody is currently logged in , update the model , and observe the message popup.
  5. If you want to change the behaviour of this fileset so that it just displays a message, and then goes on deploying further filesets, do the following :
    • open the FileSet by double-clicking it
    • drill down to the /usr/local/scripts folder
    • click once onto the , and then the "Get Info" button
    • Select the "Executable" tab
    • Uncheck the "Wait for exectuable to finish" checkbox
    • Confirm with ok
    • Test your fileset by associating it and running Model Update

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