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Customised Screen Saver (macOS)


Create a customised macOS Screen Saver (.saver) to simply display an image or more advanced HTML/Javascript code.



Fileset Installation

  1. Download and unzip "FileWave Example".
  2. Import into FileWave Admin

Customise ScreenSaver Name (Optional)

  • Open Fileset Contents
  • Expand /var/scripts/498452 (Number will differ to example)
  • Select file:

  • Select Get Info > Executable (Tab)
  • Set LaunchArgument 1 to the desired name (replacing FileWave)
  • Repeat steps 4 to 6 with file:

Customise the Source File (Optional)

  • Replace the following file with a desired file: /tmp/FileWave.saver/Contents/Resources/fw.png
  • Edit /tmp/FileWave.saver/Contents/Resources/index.html" and replace "fw.png" with filename of the new image name from step 1.

Replace entire contents of file with custom HTML/Javascript if desired


Associate Fileset to a test machine.  On installation the following should be seen from the example:

Set Screen Saver as Default

  • Open Profile Editor and Select Login Window
  • Set 'Use screen saver module at path' to /Library/Screen Savers/FileWave.saver" (Replace FileWave.saver to match your custom name if changed from above)

Login Window Profile Requirement
Edit any already existing "Login Window" Profile. If first time use of "Login Window" payload, please make sure to review all other Profile settings.