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FileWave Server Pre-Upgrade Backup


In order to ensure data integrity during upgrade, version 14 of FileWave introduces a pre-upgrade backup utility to make doubly sure that the FileWave database and configuration files are protected.


This additional layer of security protects us from a catastrophic failure during upgrade, and the backup happens automatically.  Note that the backup copies the database (the very most important item), necessary configuration files and certificates.  It does not however backup filesets (payloads) as those would be far too large to backup, and that content itself is not particularly at risk. 

For best results, always make sure you have a good (preferably off-server) backup of you FileWave installation updated at least weekly.  If you do not do this, and you have a disk failure, you run the risk of having to rebuild and re-enroll all of your devices.  Trust us...that is no fun at all.


Given that everything is automatic during the upgrade process, you don't have to worry about doing anything for this backup, but for your own information, these backups are stored in: 

/usr/local/filewave/fwxserver/Data Folder/backups