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Details of Allowing / Disallowing Collection of Personal data on a License Level

Collection of Personal Data

I want to disable the collection of personal data at the FileWave license level. This will ensure that the FileWave client can never collect this data, as the option to do so will not be present in the Client Preferences.


FileWave Server and Client

Changing Data Collection

By default, FileWave collects personally identifiable data and stores that in inventory. 
The collection of this data can be disabled globally via your FileWave license. To make this change, and if you are a customer located in North America, please email the FileWave Business Office,  or call 1-888-345-3928, Option 3. If you are located in Europe, please email  or call  +41 (0) 71-914-30-80.

When data collection is disabled, the following data is not captured, processed, sent to, or stored inside FileWave inventory:

  • geolocation data (the device's last determined location in latitude, longitude format)

  • application usage data (how long / often / when has an application been opened / used / closed)

  • login data (who logged onto a client machine and when)

When disabling personal data collection, the last submitted geolocation data set is preserved. To remove it, please contact FileWave support. All other data types (login data and application usage data) are erased from the database as soon as the clients become aware of the new configuration and check in with the inventory server.