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FileWave Server Upgrades

Upgrading for hosted servers will be a matter of communication between FileWave and hosted customers.  However for on-premise, consider the following process

Upgrade Process

  1. Download the chosen upgrades from the FileWave Download Pages.  This will be at the very least the FileWave Server and FileWave Central application
  2. Copy FileWave server installer to the server
  3. Copy FileWave Central installer to a chosen macOS or Windows device
  4. Lock all devices, from the right click contextual menu 'Lock' (Mobile and Computer devices can be locked separately from the relevant client View.  Multiple devices may be selected and actioned in one go.)
  5. Run an Update Model
  6. Run a backup
  7. If this is a VM, stop the FileWave Server process and take a snapshot
  8. Follow upgrade instructions from the download pages matching the installer version, including updating the server OS.
  9. Once completed, instal or upgrade FileWave Central application
  10. Connect and test a Model Update
  11. Unlock an example, test device and ensure all is well
  12. Either test further or once satisfied, unlock all other devices necessary

Before locking clients, confirm none are already locked for an alternate reason.  Once completed and unlocking, these devices may then be targeted to remain locked.