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fwxserver folder relocation in FileWave Server 13.1.4+ on macOS and Linux Platforms

Does this affect my installation? 

To determine whether action is required from you immediately prior to the installation of 13.1.4, please run the following command as root on your FileWave server : 

if [ ! -z "`mount | grep /fwxserver`" ]; then echo 'Action required' ; else echo 'You are good to go' ; fi

If this command returns "Action required" on your server, you will have to read on and take action right before upgrading to 13.1.4 - if "You are good to go" is returned, please make sure your Backup Script is up to date via Automated Backup, and you're well prepared to continue with the usual upgrade instructions

Background Information

On macOS and Linux, FileWave Server up until Version 13.1.3 stores both DB ( postgres Database ) and Data Folder ( FileSet Repository ) in the /fwxserver folder on the root of the filesystem. 

Architectural changes in macOS Catalina make it necessary to move this data to /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver , since the root filesystem will be read-only from macOS Catalina onwards. 

For most installations, the only change that is required is an update to the newest version of the Backup Script to make sure that the new locations are taken into account.  Please refer to Automated Backup for an up to date download. 

FileWave fwxserver 13.1.4 contains an automatic routine to do this migration for you, and if you have not relocated your Data Folder or /fwxserver folder to another volume, this will work without admin intervention. 

If you have followed the following article:  Store the FileWave Server/Booster Data on a Separate Volume , meaning you have moved the Data Folder to another Volume, and then created a Symlink to your alternative Datastore to /fwxserver/Data Folder, all that is going to happen is that the symlink itself is going to be moved, and none of the data is moved. No admin intervention is necessary. 

Manual Intervention in case of Mount Point Utilization

Please note that FileWave support is happy to assist you with this should you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself. Please contact us using in this case, or by calling us. 

Please note that the changes outlined below will make your FileWave Server inoperable with any version below FileWave 13.1.4. If you do not have the FileWave 13.1.4 installer ready to go, please come back to this article when you do.
Please also note that during the time you implement these changes, your FileWave Server services will be offline. The total duration of the change should be less than 10 minutes - after which you can start the usual upgrade procedures.

Step 1 - Server shutdown

sudo fwcontrol server stop

Step 2 - Determining mountpoint(s) related to /fwxserver, and unmounting them 

mount | grep /fwxserver|sed -e 's/.*on \(.*\) type.*/\1/'|xargs -t umount

Step 3 - Moving the mountpoints to their new location in /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver

Linux: Open the /etc/fstab file in a text editor of your choice.  

For each of the lines in the output of Step 2, replace - in the second column - /fwxserver with /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver, i.e.  :

/dev/mapper/centos-fwxserver /fwxserver                       ext4    defaults        1 1

Would Become :

/dev/mapper/centos-fwxserver /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver                       ext4    defaults        1 1
macOS : run 'sudo vifs'

For each of the lines in the output of Step 2, replace - in the second column - /fwxserver with /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver, i.e.  :

UUID=DF000C7E-AE0C-3B15-B730-DFD2EF15CB91 /fwxserver apfs   rw	1	0

would become : 

UUID=DF000C7E-AE0C-3B15-B730-DFD2EF15CB91 /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver apfs   rw	1	0

Step 4 - create the mountpoint, remount the volumes, and verify things are where they should be 

for each of the lines modified, remount the volumes by running "mount", and appending the new path for the mount, for instance:

mkdir /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver
mount /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver

Please verify the presence of your data by running : 

ls -la /usr/local/filewave/fwxserver

and checking if your DB and "Data Folder" folders show. 

Step 5 - You're clear to run the upgrade! 

Please don't attempt to start your server until the upgrade; FileWave Versions lower than 13.1.4 will not be able to run in this state . 

You're now well prepared to continue with the usual upgrade instructions.