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Android EMM Known Issues


Functionality       Issue Notes Reference Can not import or create placeholders FileWave hopes to implement in future release   Devices do not show in smart groups     No paid app distribution (AKA group license purchases...

Android EMM Zero-Touch Enrollment


What Android Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE) is a method for automatic device enrollment based on the device's participation in your organization's Zero-Touch Enrollment Portal.  ZTE Portal The portal is located at : But r...

Google Play Store Errors


Android EMM Google Play store errors If you see a 403 error (Figure 1.1): Server error; FileWave was unable to negotiate a Play Store instance with Google. Please try reopening this Play Store window. Server said (403): Caller is not authorized to manage ...

Embed WiFi in EMM Enrollment QR


If you have a Google Policy Fileset with Network information in it. You can select it when you generate a QR code. This inserts the information onto the device for easy enrollment. Figure 1.1 - WiFi selected in enrollment QR Steps Ge...

Force Location for EMM Android Devices


Description This article will help you enable location services and open the FileWave app on devices to start the reporting process. The EMM FileWave client will send location every 15min but needs to be launched one time to start this process and location s...



What In FileWave 14.1+ you are able to make policies for FileWave endpoint devices to specify when they are in or out of a particular geographical area.  Remember: A FileWave policy is a fileset for specifying things in/for a filewave endpoint. This is not t...

Deploying Google Play Apps


Follow this guide to deploy Google Play apps to you EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) enrolled Android devices. At this time, Google Android Management does not support the deployment of paid Play Store Apps. Creating the Fileset From the Filesets vi...

Deploying Google Play Web Apps


Sometimes called a web clips, these are items that look like apps, but open to webpages. Creating the Fileset You need to have the Google Chrome app installed or allowed for web apps to work. From the Filesets view Select "New Mobile Fileset" ...

Android EMM Policies and Permissions


Android EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) allows you to create permissions and send policies. Permissions Types Permission settings may be configured on multiple levels. They are applied in this priority (low number wins). Application specific permission...

FileWave Version

Android apps are not installing immediately


What As an administrator, you use FileWave to send a policy to an Android device.  This policy will be enforced on the device.  However, the precise timing of when to implement the policy changes, and particularly installing and updating applications, is dete...

Determine Correct Intermediates Bundle for SSL Certificate

Certificates Troubleshooting

Some SSL providers include multiple intermediates certificate bundles along with your SSL certificate. Your SSL certificate must be merged with one of these intermediates bundles along with your private key to generate a .p12 certificate file that can be uploa...

SSL Server Certificates - iOS 13 and macOS 10.15

Certificates Troubleshooting

Apple have updated their requirements for certificates for their new operating system releases: The new requirements can be broken down in the 3 major sections: The mandatory presence of a Subject Alternative Nam...

Installing Windows Fonts

Microsoft Windows

Description Windows font installation is not as simple as adding files to a folder.  As well as copying files, the registry requires editing.  The following Fileset will add Fonts to Windows systems. TTFThe Fileset has been tested with TTF on Windows Pro 10,...

Mass Deploy Windows FileWave Client

FileWave Client Enrolling Devices

Summary One of the most irritating bumps in the road towards the administrative freedom of FileWave is installing the FileWave Client on your computers for the first time. Now that we've started using MSI-based installers, you can easily deploy the FileWave W...

Rename Windows Hostname based FileWave Client Name

Microsoft Windows

Description This Fileset will automatically rename the Windows Hostname of your Clients whenever you rename a Client via the FileWave Admin. With this Fileset associated, the FileWave Client Name will have the utmost precedence. For example, if the Windows H...

Uninstall the FileWave Client on Windows

FileWave Client Offboarding Clients

Description The below Fileset can be used to uninstall the FileWave client on Windows machines.  Ingredients FW Admin FileWave Client uninstall Fileset Directions Download the attached Fileset from the recipe. Drag and drop the unzipped Fileset in...

Upgrade Windows 10

Microsoft Windows

Description Although Software Updates are available as standard catalogue, Feature Updates are not.  The following method may be used to update Windows devices using Feature Updates, e.g. 1909, 21H1.  Last tested upgrading 20H2 to 21H1 Ingredients Latest ...

Windows 11 Compatible Devices

Microsoft Windows

Description Microsoft have provided their list of supported Windows 11 requirements: Including links to subcategories, for example processor compliance:

Windows 11 support in FileWave 14.7+

Microsoft Windows

What Windows 11 was released by Microsoft on October 5, 2021.  When/Why As an administrator, it is important to know if this new OS is supported, and about the end of life of older versions of Windows. How The FileWave client running on Windows 11 is full...