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Mass Deploy Windows FileWave Client


One of the most irritating bumps in the road towards the administrative freedom of FileWave is installing the FileWave Client on your computers for the first time. Now that we've started using MSI-based installers, you can easily deploy the FileWave WinClient via a domain server or log-on script. This post provides materials to aid in WinClient Mass Deployment. 

1. Download the latest Windows FileWave Client (it's an exe in version 5.7 and up ) and WinClient Prefs Writer (link at bottom). To convert the exe into an msi installer check the conversion script

This is an example on how you would run it:
cscript C:\path\generatefwwinclientmsi.vbs C:\path\FileWaveClient.exe

2. Edit the preferences script to include your settings. I have put in example settings -- you must put your own in and then save the file.


set serverName=no.server.set 
set serverAddress="no.server.address" 
set clientPassword="filewave" 

set booster1="no.booster.set" 
set booster1Port="0" 


set clientName=""


set serverAddress="
set clientPassword="jelly" 

set booster1IP="
set booster1Port="20013" 


set clientName=""

3. Once the script is edited, these are both ready to execute on a computer, either by log-on script or some remote activation. Make sure that the MSI installs before the preferences script runs.

If you install the Client via the command line, add the "/quiet" argument to execute a silent installation. For a comprehensive list of the available arguments for MSI's, run the MSI using the "/?" argument.
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