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Managing BYOD User Enrollment


You have no doubt gotten used to managing supervised iOS devices, where you have the ability to manage most elements of the device.  If you have previously had folks do a manual OTA enrollment, then you know you have less management of those devices than those that are supervised.  BYOD user enrolled devices take that a step further, and even fewer capabilities exist (but for good reason).


If you are going to utilize BYOD enrollment, it is because the devices to be enrolled actually shouldn't be managed by you, but they should have the ability to leverage the organization's resources.  So, with BYOD enrollment, you can distribute VPP apps and licenses:

  • An important feature provided through the Managed Apple IDs is the deployment of apps and media via VPP
  • For User Enrollment, FileWave will automatically register and associate VPP users for each associated VPP asset on demand (because the licenses can't be associated to the device)
  • Configuration profiles, like email settings and VPN settings are supported (to ease customer setup)

But there are also restrictions to management:

  • No access to device-identifying information (e.g. serial number, universal device identifier (UDID), IMEI, or mac addresses)
  • No access to personal data
  • No access to personal apps (no taking management or removing)
  • Limited control capability (no remote wipe, no restrictions, device is not supervised so no profiles requiring supervision)
  • Not all profiles are supported (profiles that restrict the user are largely not permitted, e.g strict passcode requirements, configurations that proxy network traffic, restrictions that block content)


Once the devices are enrolled, associations for content are managed like you are used to, but there is one important (and helpful) change to the way FileWave is managing VPP license assignation.  So please make sure and check out the article linked below on VPP License/Association Changes

You may be saying to yourself: "If I have to assign these licenses to the user, doesn't that mean I'll have to create VPP users in FileWave and invite them?"  And the answer to that is thankfully, no.  For User Enrollment, FileWave will automatically register and associate VPP users for each associated VPP asset on demand.