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FileWave Product Management

Community Engagement

At FileWave, Product Management plays a key role in determining the trajectory of our solutions. Our commitment to transparency involves regularly sharing our product roadmap, a strategy that both fosters trust with users and ensures our product evolution rema...

Alliance eMeeting Q42023

FileWave Alliance Forums

Community Engagement

Everyone who uses FileWave appreciates learning more about it, but attending training is hard - we get it!  That’s why we created the Foundry and the Alliance Forums. In the Foundry, you’ll find self-paced video learning and our FileWave Certified Administrato...

FileWave Discord Server

Community Engagement

Everyone who uses FileWave appreciates learning more about it and being able to discuss ways of using it with other customers. We have the Alliance Forums as a public bulletin board where you can discuss how you use FileWave, but for many, the social aspect of...

Installing winget

Microsoft winget

What winget is a command line tool to manage applications on the Windows 10 and 11 platform. It uses Visual C++ which also needs to be installed or updated. You'll find the Microsoft reference on winget here: Use the winget tool to install and manage applicat...

Location Tracking

Evaluation Guide 5. Inventory Reporting

Dude, where's my device? Ever needed to locate a device but don't even know where to start? Well that will not be a concern with anymore since FileWave offers Location Tracking for every supported platform. This section will outline the requirements and pro...

Custom Fields

Evaluation Guide 5. Inventory Reporting

Extend Inventory even more? Check. With FileWave you can even further extend your Inventory Reporting capabilities by creating Custom Fields for your devices. FileWave's Custom Fields can be manually entered per device, imported via CSV file, or scripted fo...

TeamViewer: Features Overview by Platform


What TeamViewer includes many different functions that make it superior to our earlier toolset (Observe Client) which was limited to Mac and Windows and was screen control only.  The functions in TeamViewer vary by operating system and are quite extensive.  T...

TeamViewer: Licensing Overview


What The use of TeamViewer within FileWave is limited by the permissions of the particular administrator, and by the number of available TeamViewer licences within the account. When/Why A FileWave Administrator must have an assigned TV liclicense action Rem...

TeamViewer: Assigning Licenses


What The use of TeamViewer within FileWave is limited by the permissions of the particular administrator, and by the number of available TeamViewer licenses within the account.  We'll show you in this article how you can assign these licenses. When/Why When...

TeamViewer: Session to a Device where the FileWave agent is broken or missing


What What if the device you are trying to manage doesn't have a FileWave client installed yet, or what if it is malfunctioning in some way?  Is there a way to start a TeamViewer session in another way through FIleWave? When/Why Many times a remote device is...

TeamViewer: Frequently Asked Questions


What TeamViewer is a powerful, and many-faceted tool, so you are bound to have some questions. FAQ Q: Can you open multiple TeamViewer sessions simultaneously?A: Yes, indeed. Q: What happens if you try to open a session to a device that is offline?A: Nothi...

TeamViewer: Overview


What TeamViewer was included in version 14.6 as a technical preview and in 14.7 is now a completed implementation, including unattended access.  TeamViewer is a permanent replacement for our Observe Client functionality, which will be removed in version 14.8....

FileWave Engage EOL

End of Life Statements

What This is a notice that as of FileWave v14.8+ Engage will no longer be supported. When/Why FileWave v14.8 should release in Spring 2022. Engage has been at end of life earlier than this, but this will be the first release that will remove the functionality....

Background Login Items Notification Suppression (macOS Ventura+)

Profiles (Apple)

What macOS 13 Ventura includes new functionality in the new System Settings app to control services like LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons — Apple is (confusingly) calling this Login Items (found in Settings->General). By default, Apple has chosen to display not...

Set Safari Homepage (macOS)

Profiles (Apple)

Description This profile changes the Safari Homepage for the currently logged in user. This recipe was tested on 10.13.2 with Safari 11.0.2 Ingredients FW Admin Directions Create a New Desktop Fileset and select the Profile option Name the profile...


Booster ID Generation

Boosters Troubleshooting

Description In some circumstances, a Booster may appear as missing or multiple boosters may overwrite a single Booster record in the Admin console.  This can occur where each booster is a copy of another booster, e.g. VM source is identical. Where Booster ID...

Creating a Superprefs Fileset

FileWave Client

Description A Superprefs Fileset will allow you to configure your FileWave Clients in mass. You need to create the Fileset and deploy it to your clients. In this recipe, we will take the Boosters configuration as an example. (More details...) Superprefs work...

Chrome OS: FileWave Inventory Extension Behavior (FAQ)


What The FileWave Chromebook Inventory extension provides abilities to manage your devices beyond what can be done from the Google Admin console.  Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions about the extension's behavior. When/Why We'll ...

Chrome Troubleshooting Guide


You have already: Enrolled devices into your Google Suite ( Followed the Quick Start Guide for Chromebooks to install the extension on your devices Verified you have a license for Chrome devices ...

Windows MDM Policies (aka Profiles)

Microsoft Windows MDM Configuration Service Providers (Profiles)

What Windows Configuration policies allow you to define attributes on your Windows endpoints, such as "Bluetooth is not allowed".  These configuration policies are similar to what you may have done in the past through Group Policy objects. When/Why We'll us...