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TeamViewer: Frequently Asked Questions


TeamViewer is a powerful, and many-faceted tool, so you are bound to have some questions.


Q: Can you open multiple TeamViewer sessions simultaneously?
A: Yes, indeed.

Q: What happens if you try to open a session to a device that is offline?
A: Nothing, basically.  The admin computer will try to start the session, but the remote device can't answer.  Eventually, the request will time out.

Q: There are several things the end-user has to do to allow a session.  Can those be skipped?
A: For attended access, no...the remote user must accept and allow the session.  For unattended access, with proper setup ahead of time yes.

Q: I already own some TeamViewer licenses.  Can I use those with FileWave?
A: No.  All licenses for using TeamViewer through FileWave are coordinated through FileWave licensing alone however we do not have a license key or anything special about the TeamViewer client so if you have licensed installs of TeamViewer then FileWave will connect to those no matter if they are licensed or unlicensed.

Q: Can I get more than the license that was included with my FileWave server?
A: Our Customer Experience team can work with you on a quote for the additional licenses.  You can reach the team at