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FileWave Version 15.0.1 (Unsupported)

Downloads Archived FileWave Versions (Unsupported)

These downloads are provided for the purposes of migrations and should not continue to be used in production. You should upgrade to either the most recent release or the one prior. They can always be found here: Supported FileWave Versions FileWave Manageme...

Eval Guide Introduction

Evaluation Guide

Welcome Welcome and thank you for choosing FileWave, the all-inclusive device management solution for Windows, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS! To help you get started with your evaluation of FileWave's all-inclusive feature set we have created this ...

Android Client Pre-Requisites

Evaluation Guide 2. Client Pre-Requisites

Obtaining JSON File Android EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) is built into FileWave as of version 13.1.  This feature requires activation. Activation may be generated from the following link: Add the FileWave Server Activatio...

Apple Client Pre-Requisites

Evaluation Guide 2. Client Pre-Requisites

Now that we have the FileWave basics taken care of, let us start integrating the Apple services into FileWave. This section will cover creating an APNS certificate and syncing FileWave with Apple's DEP and VPP. Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Certifica...

Software Group Structure

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

You get a group and you get a group, everybody gets a group! Again, really? Yep. We recommend that you stay just as organized with your Software (Fileset) groups as you do with your Client groups. This will enable you to do "Group to Group" associations, al...

Client Group Structure

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

You get a group and you get a group, everybody gets a group! Staying organized in life is important and it's no different within FileWave. This section will outline some workflows and best practices when it comes to grouping and organizing your Client devic...

FileWave Central Preferences

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

Accessing the FileWave Preferences Now that you have logged in to FileWave Central, we will need to configure a few settings via the FileWave Preferences. The Preferences mentioned in this section are required for all FileWave installations. Any Preferences...

FileWave Central Setup

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

Let's login! Now that you have the FileWave Server up and running, it is time to connect using FileWave Central. FileWave Central is a native application capable of running on macOS or Windows and is currently considered to be the "daily-driver". Starting w...

FileWave Server Setup

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

What server type is best for me? The first step to begin your FileWave Evaluation is to determine your FileWave Server hosting preference. FileWave offers both a Cloud-Hosted server and an on-premise virtualized server appliance for either Hyper-V or VMWare...

License Management

Evaluation Guide 5. Inventory Reporting

Compliance, Usage, and Tracking When it comes to all of these software packages it can be a headache to know exactly how many licenses you own, how many are being used, and who the and being used by. This is where FileWave steps in to make this tracking pro...

Inventory Reports

Evaluation Guide 5. Inventory Reporting

Your information. Your way. FileWave allows you to get as much or as little information that you need to report by leveraging Inventory Queries and if you have other people outside of FileWave wanting the same reports, we've got you covered with Schedule Re...

FileWave Foundry

Community Engagement

Everyone who uses FileWave appreciates learning more about it, but attending training is hard - we get it!  Sometimes the timing or the location of the training won’t work, sometimes the budget won’t allow for it, but more often than not, the lack of TIME prev...

Clever Integration - EOL

End of Life Statements

This is the FAQ for the email that was sent out to customers on October 29, 2021, about Clever integration being discontinued. Please check back here over time as our answers may evolve over time as we work with customers.  FAQ Q: When will the Clever integr...

FileWave Official Version Support Statement

End of Life Statements

What FileWave development teams officially support two major versions at any time, N and N-1. For example, If we assume that the most recent version of FileWave is 15.1.x, then we will officially support versions 15.1.x and 15.0.x. Releases for major versions...

Observe Client - EOL

End of Life Statements

As a continuing bid to improve FileWave features and unify the product across platforms, as of FileWave 14.8.0 the FileWave computer client will no longer include the Observe Client feature.  This has been replaced with TeamViewer. TeamViewer expands the poss...

Device Discovery - EOL

End of Life Statements

What This is a notice that as of FileWave v14.9.0 that Device Discovery is deprecated. When/Why This tool was never effective in production environments, has hardly ever been used, and is easily replaced by any off-the-shelf network scanning tool like Angry...

Android device management pre-EMM - EOL

End of Life Statements

What This is a notice that as of FileWave v14.9.0 that Android device management pre-EMM (aka APK delivery) is deprecated. When/Why Android EMM is the replacement for the much older method of managing Android devices. This change should not affect you if yo...

FileWave Version
FileWave Version

ZeroMQ replacement with NATS - EOL

End of Life Statements

What ZeroMQ is being replaced with NATS in a process starting with v14.8. When/Why This move will naturally occur when upgrading FileWave components where eventually NATS will replace ZMQ everywhere it is used.  This article and release notes will explain w...


Default TCP and UDP Port Usage

FileWave General Info

FileWave software uses the below-listed TCP/IP ports. These are default settings and may be configured to listen on different ports if required. Consider FileWave Server should not have IPv6 enabled for the best experience. Port Testing Please consider downl...

FileWave Knowledge Base

Community Engagement

Welcome Welcome to the FileWave Knowledge Base, where all documentation is published for FileWave. This page will load by default giving you helpful instructions, but you can always go to Shelves and bookmark that as your starting point. Information in the KB...