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Eval Guide Introduction


Welcome and thank you for choosing FileWave, the all-inclusive device management solution for Windows, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS!

To help you get started with your evaluation of FileWave's all-inclusive feature set we have created this FileWave Evaluation Guide to outline the initial steps, including the FileWave Server installation, Client enrollment, and some of the basic workflows possible within FileWave's unified management console. Although very comprehensive, this guide is not designed to contain all details regarding FileWave's technical specifications. For more in-depth information, please refer to our FileWave Knowledge Base.

During your evaluation of FileWave, we highly encourage you to work closely with your dedicated FileWave Systems Engineer while referencing this guide between scheduled calls or email correspondence to retain FileWave's workflows and best practices best. We also offer self-paced video training content via our FileWave Foundry 100-level courses that correspond with the content of this guide.

As you will quickly see, FileWave offers many features, so we've compiled our FileWave IT Checklist. We recommend that you also create a checklist of items that are required by your organization so that you and your team have a clear vision of a successful evaluation. If you're willing to share your checklist, your FileWave SE will be able to tailor your evaluation and make the best use of your organization's time and resources.

Sample checklist for computers
  • Support users on-premise and while at home via Internet

    • Deploy mandatory software and maintenance scripts

    • Let users install optional apps and maintenance items on-demand via self-service

    • Patch OS

    • Provide remote screen-sharing assistance

  • Track and possibly protect data on laptops, regardless of location

    • View last known location

    • Remote wipe devices

Sample checklist for mobile devices
  • Support users on-premise and while at home via Internet

    • Deploy mobile apps silently

    • Configure and secure device, ensuring that that it remains under management at all times

    • Deploy media

    • Enable teachers via a classroom app

  • Track and possibly protect data on mobile devices regardless of location

    • View last known location

    • Remote wipe devices


It's a good idea to plan for and set aside time to consistently evaluate and test FileWave, even if it's only an hour or two every other day. Pick a time when you are least likely to be busy or interrupted. We realize that most customers are busy and testing FileWave is most likely not a normal part of your everyday job. Repeated consistent use of the product will help you get used to the UI and remember how to accomplish tasks.

If you have any questions or problems with the material presented during your evaluation or need assistance with an advanced feature not discussed here, please reach out to your assigned FileWave SE for assistance. During your evaluation, please contact your SE for any support issues or questions. Please do NOT contact FileWave Technical Support directly. If your SE is not able to resolve the issue, they will open a support case with FileWave Support on your behalf. FileWave Community Edition users should consult Discord for advice 

Thanks again for choosing to evaluate FileWave, and please do not hesitate to reach out!

FileWave Systems Engineers

System Engineer Region Territory
Michael Hughes North America
Andreas Gluch EMEA  
Rommel Navarro APJ
Tool URL
FileWave Custom Client Generator
FileWave Port Tester
FileWave TCP/IP Ports Default TCP and UDP Port Usage
Apple Push Notification Certificate