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Dashboard (Grafana)

The FileWave dashboard is a collection of custom code and open-source solutions. We'll give you the beginner's guide here for customizing your dashboard up to some more advanced topics.

Filesets / Payloads

Filesets in Central and Payloads in Anywhere are the same thing. As an IT administrator, you use FileWave Filesets to deliver software to devices.

Identity Provider (IdP) Integration

Identity Provider (IdP) integration can be key to meeting security requirements from your InfoSec team, and ease-of-use requirements for your customers. IdP solutions allow your customer to have only one set of credentials, and to use them anywhere.

FileWave Server

Security Information

There will be security information that needs to be shared about FileWave or components that we use. We may also link to critical notices about macOS, Windows, iOS, and other OSs if they appear to be severe, and would impact you as an IT manager.

White Labeling FileWave Components

Starting with FileWave 12.7, it is possible to customize end-user components and change FileWave defaults.

Network Imaging / IVS

FileWave Windows Imaging is a powerful solution to quickly deploy base images over the network. The IVS uses PXE Boot to network boot your Windows machines using either Legacy BIOS or UEFI, captures the entire disk contents, and uploads the image to the FileWa...

Software Deployment Recipes (Microsoft)

The Software Deployment Recipes (Microsoft) section provides a curated collection of practical guides and step-by-step instructions for efficiently deploying software and applications in Microsoft environments. Discover proven techniques and best practices for...

Fileset Magic

Microsoft General Info

The Microsoft General Info section is a valuable resource for topics related to FileWave and managing Microsoft devices that don't fit into other categories. It covers a range of subjects, including tips, insights, and updates on Microsoft products, services, ...

Apple General Info

The Apple General Info section serves as a catch-all resource for a wide range of Apple-related information that doesn't fit within specific categories. From tips and tricks for maximizing productivity on your Apple devices to discussions on Apple services, ac...

FileWave General Info


This is your one-stop destination for all FileWave download needs. It provides direct access to the latest versions of FileWave's Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software for various platforms. Whether you're looking to download FileWave for managing Apple, ...

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

These articles are tied to the FileWave Anywhere help system specifically.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The API section is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed documentation and guidance on utilizing the FileWave API. Whether you're a developer or an IT professional looking to integrate FileWave functionality into your own applications or workflows, t...

Software Deployment Recipes (macOS)

The Software Deployment Recipes section for macOS offers a curated selection of recipes and guides to simplify the deployment of software and applications on your macOS devices. Explore best practices for automating software installations, customizing settings...

Fileset Magic

Apple Classroom

Apple Classroom is an application developed by Apple for educational environments. It is designed to assist teachers in managing and monitoring students' iPad activities during class. With Apple Classroom, teachers can launch apps, lock screens, send and recei...

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a widely used operating system known for its user-friendly interface and compatibility. With versions like Windows 10 and Windows 11, it offers a customizable experience, supports various tasks, and provides a vast software ecosystem. Wind...


Software Deployment Recipes (iOS/iPadOS)

The Software Deployment Recipes section for iOS/iPadOS provides a collection of practical guides and recipes to streamline the deployment of software and apps on your iOS and iPadOS devices. Discover step-by-step instructions for efficiently deploying apps, co...


Playbook: Pandemic Check List

Welcome to the 'Pandemic Checklist' Playbook, your critical guide to maintaining seamless operations in challenging times. This resource provides practical strategies for leveraging FileWave's features to ensure efficient device management, even during remote ...

Microsoft Windows MDM Setup

Microsoft Windows MDM

Integration of FileWave with Microsoft Windows MDM requires some initial setup. This is likely a one-time configuration for your environment, depending on complexity. On initial setup, we'll need to make sure we can satisfy the licensing pre-requisites, pu...


Identity Provider (IdP) Integration


FileWave Central / Anywhere


FileWave Central / Anywhere

Location Tracking

FileWave Client

Customizing Views

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

Many views within the FileWave WebAdmin have tables in them that can be customized to match your needs. We will customize views when we find there is a data element missing from a table we'd like to add, when we'd like to sort records in a different way, an...

View - Deployments

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

The Deployments view allows you to see and create Deployments. Deployments are not Associations, but they are similar. Deployments connect payloads to endpoints like Associations, but deployments have more advanced capabilities than their earlier cousins. ...

View - Devices

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

View - Licenses

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

The Licenses View shows us licensing information for VPP related apps. This is a great view within the WebAdmin to take the temperature of the environment as far as licensing availability for VPP. Policing this view occasionally can help us avoid some of thos...

View - Payloads

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

Profiles allow you to control settings, features, and capabilities for Apple devices; iOS, macOS, iPadOS, TvOS. Devices may need profiles for initial configuration (like to allow them to join a network), in reaction to a request (like please disable the camera...

View - Reports

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

View - Software Updates

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

The Software Updates view shows us all patches that have been discovered as "needed" in the environment. An important part of device lifecycle management is patching and updating systems. This view will allow you to see the available software updates that Micr...

View - Sources

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

The Sources View of the FileWave Anywhere can be thought of as a configuration view for the FileWave system. Today it is limited to Apple configuration elements, but before too long we'll see Google and Microsoft settings in here as well. We will use this ...

Inventory Queries (Reports)

FileWave Central / Anywhere

Conflict Resolution

FileWave Central / Anywhere


FileWave Server


FileWave Server


FileWave General Info

API Sample Code

Application Programming Interface (API)

View - Imaging (Windows)

FileWave Anywhere Help Menus

Chrome Troubleshooting Guide


You have already: Enrolled devices into your Google Suite ( Followed the Quick Start Guide for Chromebooks to install the extension on your devices Verified you have a license for Chrome devices ...

Windows MDM Policies (aka Profiles)

Microsoft Windows MDM Configuration Service Providers (Profiles)

What Windows Configuration policies allow you to define attributes on your Windows endpoints, such as "Bluetooth is not allowed".  These configuration policies are similar to what you may have done in the past through Group Policy objects. When/Why We'll us...

Android EMM Known Issues


Functionality       Issue Notes Reference Can not import or create placeholders FileWave hopes to implement in future release   Devices do not show in smart groups     No paid app distribution (AKA group license purchases...

Android EMM Zero-Touch Enrollment


What Android Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE) is a method for automatic device enrollment based on the device's participation in your organization's Zero-Touch Enrollment Portal.  ZTE Portal The portal is located at : But r...

Google Play Store Errors


Android EMM Google Play store errors If you see a 403 error (Figure 1.1): Server error; FileWave was unable to negotiate a Play Store instance with Google. Please try reopening this Play Store window. Server said (403): Caller is not authorized to manage ...

Embed WiFi in EMM Enrollment QR


If you have a Google Policy Fileset with Network information in it. You can select it when you generate a QR code. This inserts the information onto the device for easy enrollment. Figure 1.1 - WiFi selected in enrollment QR Steps Ge...

Force Location for EMM Android Devices


Description This article will help you enable location services and open the FileWave app on devices to start the reporting process. The EMM FileWave client will send location every 15min but needs to be launched one time to start this process and location s...



What In FileWave 14.1+ you are able to make policies for FileWave endpoint devices to specify when they are in or out of a particular geographical area.  Remember: A FileWave policy is a fileset for specifying things in/for a filewave endpoint. This is not t...

Adjusting the Idle Timeout in FileWave Anywhere (WebAdmin)

FileWave Central / Anywhere Troubleshooting

What This article will guide you on how to change the idle timeout setting in FileWave Anywhere (WebAdmin). By default, the idle timeout is set to 25 minutes. This means that if there is no activity on the interface for 25 minutes, the user will be automatica...

Restrictions Profile & Control Center

Profiles (Apple)

What Apple provides separate Restrictions profiles for iOS, macOS and tvOS.  macOS Ventura has somewhat altered System Preferences and is now System Settings, aligning it with iOS.  This has implications. When/Why To date, the Restrictions Payload provided ...

Apple's Rapid Security Response Software Updates

Software Updates (Apple)

What Apple is known for its high standards of security and privacy for its users. However, no system is perfect and vulnerabilities can still be found and exploited by malicious actors. That's why Apple has developed a Rapid Security Response (RSR) process th...

Deploying Google Play Apps


Follow this guide to deploy Google Play apps to you EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) enrolled Android devices. At this time, Google Android Management does not support the deployment of paid Play Store Apps. Creating the Fileset From the Filesets vi...

FileWave Version 15.0.1 (Unsupported)

Downloads Archived FileWave Versions (Unsupported)

These downloads are provided for the purposes of migrations and should not continue to be used in production. You should upgrade to either the most recent release or the one prior. They can always be found here: Supported FileWave Versions FileWave Manageme...

Eval Guide Introduction

Evaluation Guide

Welcome Welcome and thank you for choosing FileWave, the all-inclusive device management solution for Windows, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS! To help you get started with your evaluation of FileWave's all-inclusive feature set we have created this ...

Android Client Pre-Requisites

Evaluation Guide 2. Client Pre-Requisites

Obtaining JSON File Android EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) is built into FileWave as of version 13.1.  This feature requires activation. Activation may be generated from the following link: Add the FileWave Server Activatio...

Apple Client Pre-Requisites

Evaluation Guide 2. Client Pre-Requisites

Now that we have the FileWave basics taken care of, let us start integrating the Apple services into FileWave. This section will cover creating an APNS certificate and syncing FileWave with Apple's DEP and VPP. Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Certifica...

Software Group Structure

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

You get a group and you get a group, everybody gets a group! Again, really? Yep. We recommend that you stay just as organized with your Software (Fileset) groups as you do with your Client groups. This will enable you to do "Group to Group" associations, al...

Client Group Structure

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

You get a group and you get a group, everybody gets a group! Staying organized in life is important and it's no different within FileWave. This section will outline some workflows and best practices when it comes to grouping and organizing your Client devic...

FileWave Central Preferences

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

Accessing the FileWave Preferences Now that you have logged in to FileWave Central, we will need to configure a few settings via the FileWave Preferences. The Preferences mentioned in this section are required for all FileWave installations. Any Preferences...

FileWave Central Setup

Evaluation Guide 1. Installation and Setup

Let's login! Now that you have the FileWave Server up and running, it is time to connect using FileWave Central. FileWave Central is a native application capable of running on macOS or Windows and is currently considered to be the "daily-driver". Starting w...